S 1840 PE


Assess and judge measuring results at a glance – nothing is easier than that with the Millimar S1840 column amplifier.

The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier offers a broad range of functions for combining the signals from both static and dynamic measurements.

Measuring results are indicated by way of 101 three-color LEDs. When the programmable warning and tolerance limits are exceeded, the LEDs change their color from green to yellow or red, accordingly — high visibility from any distance.


  • Three-color illuminated bar graph with analog warning and tolerance limit display

  • Two-line backlit LCD for indicating measured values, help texts, and measuring units

  • Up to two characteristics can be displayed simultaneously


  • Single input

  • RS 232 interface

  • Analog output

  • Three digital inputs for measuring start, master measurement, etc.

  • Three digital outputs for Accept – Reject – Rework classification, measuring time, etc.


  • Static measurements: ± A, ± B, and all combinations

  • Dynamic measurements: Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, mean

  • Windows® software for configuring the LED display The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier can be programmed either menu-guided via the integrated membrane keypad or with the provided MS Windows® configuration software.

  • Single Master or Dual Mastrer setup

  • Password lockout in Setup Mode


S 1840 PE - Flyer
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