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“Choose the Original – Choose Success”

 A new VDMA campaign
Original technology pays off: That’s the core message of a new VDMA campaign presented at the opening of Hannover Messe. With the slogan “Choose the Original – Choose Success” is the slogan the Federation and its members address to potential customers in order to fight the counterfeiting industry and the violation of intellectual property rights.
The campaign makes obvious that it is in the very interest of every buyer to invest in original technology. In cooperation with Marianne Friese Consulting (MFC - a strategy and communication consulting agency) in Beijing, VDMA developed a campaign focusing on the advantages of original machines which on the one hand affirms customers who already took a purchase decision and on the other hand convinces potential buyers. The campaign logo, showing three interwoven Cs, stands for copyright, the protection of intellectual property. It also symbolizes a finger print representing the individual and distinctive character of an original.

The campaign is based on five main arguments for original machines and equipment: quality, innovation, efficiency, experience and safety. VDMA, its members and its branch associations integrate the campaign logo and the slogan as well as the main arguments in their daily communication in order to spread the campaign on a broad scale. VDMA member companies are invited to get access to campaign material via www.vdma.org/original and to use it for company-specific purposes.

The Pro Original Campaign is a joint initiative by the VDMA and its member companies. The campaign has been established to strengthen the awareness to choose original technology on international markets.

The campaign takes a positive approach, highlighting the benefits of using original technology, reaffirming existing customers' purchasing decisions and convincing potential buyers to choose original technology. Supported by a set of powerful key messages as well as a specially designed logo and tagline, the aim of the campaign is to collectively protect our industry against counterfeiting and copyright violations. Using high-impact posters and advertisements, the campaign targets both decision-makers and influencers alike.

Key statements

  • Quality
    Manufacturers of original machines, components and spare parts guarantee the durability and longevity of their products, thus allowing their customers to produce quality products themselves.
  • Innovation
    Using the original manufacturers' innovative ideas, customers are sure to enjoy a competitive edge.
  • Efficiency
    Original technology is key to attaining a healthy cost-performance ratio.
  • Experience
    Users of original technology show their professionalism. They also benefit from the manufacturers' rich experience.
  • Safety
    The high safety standards of original machines, components and spare parts protect both workers and the environment.

Please find more information in the downloadable Flyer at the end of this article.


For further information about this campaign, please download the flyer at the end of this article.


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