Press release: More comfort working with dial gages

Innovative: Mahr dial gages with reference system and integrated radio system


Mahr offers new dial gages with radio and reference system for faster measurements and more freedom of movement

A new generation of dial gages simplifies everyday life and practice in quality assurance. The application specialist Mahr now has gages on the market, which, thanks to the reference system must no longer be set to zero and sends data to the computer via radio frequency. In practice this means: faster measurements, more freedom of movement and convenient documentation of measurement data. Read more in this application article.

Gages are important measuring instruments in quality assurance. In the past, working with gages was not always comfortable: the zero point had to be reset before every use, the connected cable interfered with data transfer, in the case of the dial gauges that transmitted the measuring values via radio, the bulky external wireless transmitter was not only often in the way, it was also very expensive. The new gages from Mahr begin a new era: The application specialist has further developed its "MarCator" range of dial gages with the latest technology. These innovative instruments greatly increase comfort in everyday life of quality assurance.

Practical example: Device construction

Dial gages often could not be positioned as was necessary because of annoying cables. Not anymore: Mahr is now offering wireless radio dial gages - the only hand metrology supplier on the market. The dial gages up to 12.5 mm are equipped with an "Integrated Wireless" radio system. This allows them to be used in the fixture much more flexibly. Even in hard to reach or hidden places, these gages can now be positioned stationary. The measured values can be accessed conveniently from the PC with the Mahr software and can be further used for documentation - and thus also fulfill the current requirement to document quality assurance more extensively.

Practical example: Production island

Wherever the user requires mobility with his measuring instrument, he benefits from the new dial gage generation from Mahr. It finally gives the user much more freedom of movement. When measuring with an Intramess or Multimar at a production island, on large workpieces or during the incoming goods inspection, the user is no longer hindered by a cable, but can move freely within a range of 12 meters and yet reliably and conveniently route its data wirelessly for documentation. Should the user want a longer range, these gages can still be connected with the conventional radio system.

Record simple measuring values

Innovative wireless connection of the Mahr dial gages simplifies the recording and documentation of measurement data. The data is sent by the dial gage on a stick, which is like a little memory stick in the USB port of the computer. The included software data can be transferred directly and automatically to Excel or any Windows program. 8 dial gages per stick receiver and a total of 4 stick receivers can be connected. This allows up to 32 gages to be connected. Through the “Integrated Wireless” system, the transmitter is integrated directly into the dial gage, works efficiently and does not require a separate battery.

Save time with the reference system

From now on, all dial gages from Mahr are also equipped with the reference system. This leads to a significant time savings in the daily stress of quality assurance: This innovative system decisively simplifies measurements in practice. The user needs to set the zero position only once and stores it for further measurements - the reference is always maintained and the bothersome search and resetting of the zero point is eliminated. This accelerates quality assurance: The gauge is ready for use immediately after pressing the ON button or by moving the measuring spindle.


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