Press release: Complete valve measurement in 61 seconds

Fast and precise valve measurement with the optical measuring system MarShaft Scope from Mahr


Quality assurance of valves directly in production, use of optical metrology and new pneumatic clamping device

Valves must always be made more precise in order to meet today's demands for a combustion engine. With the measuring system "MarShaft Scope", Mahr offers a solution in order to check the production quality of valves directly in production - in only one setup. The fast, complete measurement is made possible by an optical sensor and a new pneumatic clamping device.

Intake and exhaust valves are important precision components in any Otto engine. The production quality of the valves is currently growing in importance – for monometallic valves as well as bimetal valves or hollow valves. In times of downsizing, increased speeds, higher fuel injection pressure and the increased use of turbochargers increases the demands on the manufacturing quality. The measuring tolerances of the workpieces are becoming smaller, thus the demands on metrology greater.

The measuring system MarShaft Scope from the application specialists Mahr considerably facilitates the previously very complicated measurement of valves. Firstly, it replaces the four measurement systems that were used: the form tester, contour measuring machine, profile projector and 3D measuring machine. Secondly, the setup time is very short and no tilting and centering is necessary. Thus, it is now possible to measure 18 features on one valve in a single setup in just 61 seconds. The greatly increase measuring speed allows for many more valves to be checked in production.

Thanks to a matrix camera, the Mahr measuring system measurement tasks on the valve head, valve seat and valve stem such as angles, phases, radii, valve seat widths, recesses, diameter or length in seconds. The optical measuring sensor also ensures measuring accuracy and safety. The measurement system measures, for example, tolerances of ± 15 microns in the diameter, 0.3 mm in the radius and 50 microns in the length.

For this application, Mahr designed an innovative clamping device: The workpiece is fixed with negative pressure on three points in such a manner so that the camera captures the entire workpiece, including the axial and contour features such as total length. Conclusion: The measurement system MarShaft Scope enables fast and secure workpiece testing directly in production in all work sequences - even in harsh production environment with temperature fluctuations, vibrations and dirt. The production quality is effectively improved, expensive scrap is reduced and the ROI is quickly achieved.

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