MarCator 1086 Ri / 1087 Ri - The new generation of dial gages with integrated wireless

A new generation of dial gages offers decisively more measuring convenience. 
The application specialist Mahr has now brought dial gages onto the market which, thanks to the patented reference system, no longer need to tediously be set to zero and that send data wirelessly to the computer. 


Dial gages from Mahr have entered into a new era: The application specialist has further developed its range of dial gages "MarCator" with the most modern technology. Now many dial gages are equipped with the patented reference system. This innovative system greatly simplifies measurements, as the user must only set the zero position once and then saves it for further measurements. This accelerates quality assurance: The dial gage is ready to measure right away after pressing the ON button or by moving the measuring bolt. 

At the same time, Mahr has implemented the integrated wireless system i-wi into its dial gages. It gives the user much more freedom of movement. There are no cables to hinder movement when measuring in or on the machine or on large workpieces. The wireless connection simplifies the collection and documentation of measurement data. It is sent by the DTI to an i-Stick, which lies like a little memory stick in the USB port of the computer. Via the radio system data can be integrated directly and automatically into Excel or in any Windows program. With the i-wi-system up to 8 gages per i-stick receiver can be connected. The transmitter is built into the gage, is energy efficient and does not require a separate battery.


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Date 2014-01-31
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