Digimar Product Overview
Height Measuring Instrument 817 CLM
 The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 817 CLM with the innovative Quick Mode. Highly accurate rapid measurements, a wide range of measuring and evaluation possiblities and excellent operator comfort.
Height Measuring Instrument 816 CL
 The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 816 CL. You want to obtain highly accurate measurement results without any complicated procedures? With the Digimar 816 CL you have the perfect partner for simple and accurate measurements both in the workshop or on the production line, just as you expect from Mahr!
Height Measuring and Scribing Instruments M 814 N/G
 Simple to operate. They can be used for scribing and marking workpieces, additionally they can be used to measure heights and distances.
Height Measuring and Scribing Instruments 814 S
 The height measuring and scribing instruments Digimar 814 S are simple to operate, hand crank for even more operator comfort. The Digimar 814 S can be used for scribing and marking workpieces as well as measuring both heights and distances.



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