Air Gage Product Overview
Air Gage General Description
Air plug gages are used for measuring cylindrical through bores or blind bores.
µDimensionair Air Gage
The µDimensionair is the ultimate of portability and versatility - in your hand or at the workbench or machine tool.
Dimensionair Air Gage
Air gaging is the inspection tool that allows you to measure many jobs faster, more convenietly, and more accurately than by other gaging methods. Air gaging is highly accurate and more cost effective than other methods when non-contact measurement is required.
Universal Dimensionair Air Gage 
The new Universal Dimensionair combines the performance of a single master air gage system with the ability to use two master air gage tooling.
S 1840 PE Air Column
The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier offers a broad range of functions for combining the signals from both static and dynamic measurements.
832 Dimensionair Air Gage
This air gaging system provides both digital and analog reporting. The balanced air system with fixed magnification makes the 832 Dimensionair a stable and reliable measuring instrument for use in manufacturing environments. Requires only one setting master for calibration to the desired magnification.
C 1208 (picture) / C 1245
Highly capable and versatile electronic amplifiers for numerous dimensional metrology applications.
S 1841 Millimar Amplifier

S 1841 Amlifier

Fully customizable multi column multi input gaging unit.
Air Plugs, Air Rings and Air Snaps
 Air plug gages are used for measuring cylindrical through bores or blind bores. Air Rings and Air Snaps are used for measuring O.D.'s.
Air Gaging Accessories
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