Overview Dimensional Metrology / Precision Gages


Air Gages
Mahr Federal air gaging is the inspection tool that allows for fast and high accurate measurement in a production environment. In the measurement of hole conditions, air gaging provides unsurpassed performance. For checking dimensional characteristics such as taper or positional relationship air gaging offers capabilities well beyond mechanical gages.

Angle / Flatness Measurement

Determine any deviation in the right angle relationship
between a horizontal surface and the earth’s
gravitational force (usually expressed as an angular or linear
deviation from absolute level).

Bore Gages

Ideal for rapid checking of diameters, roundness and conicity. The Indicating Bore Gages are especailly suitable for testing batches with tight tolerances.


Calipers - Digital or Mechanical

MarCal Calipers are available as digital or mechanical instruments. We have an appropriate caliper for all your application requirements. Now available: The 16 EW (IP67), a digital waterproof caliper for measuring under the most extreme conditions.

Comparators - Dial and Digital
Mahr’s classic Dial Comparator „Millimess“ has been the synonym for the highest level of precision and robustness for over 60 years. In addition to being robust and highly precise the new generation of Inductive Dial Comparators offers capabilities such as extreme values can be saved from dynamic measurements, both a combined digital and analog display and data can be transferred to evaluation equipment.
Depth Gages

High quality gages for measuring depths from the base as a reference.


External Measurements

Both the mechanical and digital gages are suitable for the measurement of thickness, e.g. the thickness of a wall.


Height Gages

Digimar Height Measuring Instruments are perfect for the workshop, production line and the inspection room;  simple, fast and accurate.

Mahr offers a complete product range. From the simpliest Height and Scribing Measuring Instruments to the top of the line motorized Height Measuring Instrument with 2D measuring functions.

Indicators - Dial and Digital

MarCator Indicators are available as digital or dial versions. From the classic dial indicator to the newest digital indicators, Mahr offers the best solution for every measuring task.


Indicators - Test

For many years Mahr has been one of the leading producers of test indicators. The sealed unit makes the working impervious to liquids. These indicators are ideal for use on the shopfloor.



MarConnect provides solutions to transmit measurement data direct or via interfaces to a PC or a statistics printer.
The new Digital Hand Measuring Instruments from Mahr offer dual interface capability. This concept makes it possible to choose between worldwide leading Interface standards Opto RS232 and Digimatic.

Internal Measurements

Both the mechanical and digital gages are ideal for measurements of bores and internal grooves.


Micrometers - Digital and Mechanical

Micromar Micrometers are available as digital and mechancial instruments and are ideal for measurement of external and internal dimensions. Mahr Micrometers are characterised by their precision ground measuring spindle, carbide tipped measuring faces and robust frame construction. These features guarantee extreme precision and ensure a long lifetime.

            Snap Gages

For the measurement of cylindrical parts such as shafts, bolts and spindles; for thickness and length measurements.



Gage Blocks, Master Rings, Master Pins and Thread Gages.


Stands - Indicator and Comparator

Mahr Indicator Stands and Comparator Stands offer extreme stability for highest precision and long life.


Surface Plates and Layout Tools

MarTool measuring and inspection tools are indispensable aids for dimensional metrology. Their simple operation make them the most versatile instruments for daily use in the inspection room or the workshop, whether measuring an angle on a work piece or inspecting the surface plate for a height measuring instrument. With the outstanding quality from MarTool you cannot go wrong.

Thickness Gages

With flat measuring faces - suitable for the measurement of soft materials such as plastic films, felt, rubber, paper and cardboard.

With spherical measuring faces - suitable for the measurement of hard materials, for example; sheet metal, hardboard, wooden panels and glass panes.

Universal Gages for internal and external measurements

Mahr's Universal Measuring Instruments offer a simple solution to a broad range of measuring requirements.

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