Overview Dimensional Metrology / Precision Gages


Air Gages
Mahr Federal air gaging is the inspection tool that allows for fast and high accurate measurement in a production environment. In the measurement of hole conditions, air gaging provides unsurpassed performance. For checking dimensional characteristics such as taper or positional relationship air gaging offers capabilities well beyond mechanical gages.

Angle / Flatness Measurement

Determine any deviation in the right angle relationship
between a horizontal surface and the earth’s
gravitational force (usually expressed as an angular or linear
deviation from absolute level).

Bore Gages

Ideal for rapid checking of diameters, roundness and conicity. The Indicating Bore Gages are especailly suitable for testing batches with tight tolerances.


Calipers - Digital or Mechanical

MarCal Calipers are available as digital or mechanical instruments. We have an appropriate caliper for all your application requirements. Now available: The 16 EW (IP67), a digital waterproof caliper for measuring under the most extreme conditions.

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