Five new confocal measuring systems for 3D measurements

MarSurf CM Series: the new confocal measuring microscopes from Mahr.

Mahr significantly expands its range of optical metrology: the new product families MarSurf CM and MarSurf CP offer five confocal measuring systems. The measuring stations for non-contact testing of surfaces measure in seconds with the highest resolution. The measuring stations give users more precise information about surfaces, improve their production quality and increase their efficiency.

Due to its high measuring speed and measuring accuracy, optical measuring technology is becoming increasingly important in industry as well as in research. With the MarSurf CM product family, Mahr is expanding its product range with four high-resolution confocal 3D surface measuring stations. The measuring system MarSurf CM explorer is a compact confocal microscope. It measures and analyzes surfaces three-dimensionally. It works non-contact, material-independent and fast. The portable confocal microscope MarSurf CM mobile is lightweight and operated via a laptop. This makes it particularly suitable for flexible measurements on large objects and difficult moving samples, such as rollers. The new product family also includes a configurable confocal microscope MarSurf CM select and the measuring microscope MarSurf CM expert. Furthermore, the range of confocal measuring systems is complemented by the MarSurf CP select for 2D / 3D profilometry.

All MarSurf CM measuring stations combine a high dynamic range function (16 bit) and a high measuring speed at full resolution, even with large measuring surfaces thanks to HD stitching. They also have easy and intuitive operation. To protect the workpieces and the measuring system, the devices have collision detection. The measuring stations are used, for example, by manufacturing companies in medical technology, the automotive industry, materials management or by manufacturers of electrical engineering.

Thanks to the new product family, Mahr now offers optical and tactile high-end measuring systems from a single source. The users of the new optical measuring stations have several advantages: The measuring systems accelerate the quality assurance of samples, increase the production quality and thus increase the productivity of the production.

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