Press release: Are your measuring instruments in accordance with ISO 9001?

Mahr service technicians inspect measuring instruments at customer’s site


Mahr offers the reliable monitoring of quality assurance processes in manufacturing operations

All ISO 9001-certified companies must apply suitable methods for monitoring and measuring processes. This is especially true for measuring equipment. Mahr offers in addition to preventive maintenance a method that reliably assesses whether a measuring unit is suitable for the intended measurement tasks at each location.

Regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments are important activities in the context of a preventive maintenance concept and hence part of a functioning quality assurance in manufacturing. As unplanned failure of measuring equipment should be minimized, this approach is recommended by default. For the periodic review of the instruments by the user, Mahr offers the necessary reference standards. In addition, however, it should also be clarified whether the location of the measuring device is suitable for the measurement tasks. This issue in particular seems often not be clearly answerable in manufacturing plants - often with dramatic effects: constant temperature changes or vibrations from other installations can affect the measurement result and distort it. Production errors and costly scrap can be the result.

The application specialist Mahr offers a method that is additionally carried out for preventive maintenance: A Mahr service technician will perform on-site measurements and check the device. If the device fulfills the manufacturer's specification, additional measurements are performed. These allow a reliable statement as to whether the device is suitable for the intended measurement tasks at that location. Should the device not meet the specification, the operator can decide: Either the site conditions must be improved or the specification of the instrument extended for the specific installation site.

For measuring stations that are conform to specifications, production companies receive not only the standard calibration of their device, which is confirmed with a Mahr seal, but also an additional statement as to whether or not the measuring device for the intended measurement tasks at that location is suitable. This approach creates reliability and contributes significantly to quality assurance.


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