Metering Systems
Metering Systems
Gear Metering Pumps for low to medium viscous liquids - MarChem
In many industrial branches the task is: precise and low pulsation metering of liquids.

Exactly for this purpose Mahr Metering Systems provides gear metering pumps which stands out due to excellent efficiency also at low viscosity and at significant counter pressure and achieves low-shear metering of liquids.

Years of experience as well as realization of various projects has resulted from supporting of bare pump head in developing of whole metering equipment system, and now our product portfolio ranges from gear metering pumps to meter mix dispensing machines.

Today, requirements on the single components are  increasing both in production areas and in laboratories. In many cases it is not only common to monitor the process parameters, but also necessary. By means of modern sensor technology it is also possible to continuously monitor processing values of gear metering pumps like pressure, temperature, flow rate, leakage etc. Thus production breakdowns can be prevented.

What advantages offer gear metering pumps of Mahr Metering Systems compared to other alternative pumps?

  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • low maintenance requirements
  • every single parts are separately replaceable
  • long durability due to technically customized layout for user-specific operating data
  • Technical data
  • Drive Options
  • Options
Flow ccm/U 0,01-3000
Speed range U/min 40-200
Viscosity mPas 0,5-100.000
Operating temperature room temperature up to 400 °C
Pump Material in correlation to the metered liquids a variety of specialised steels and special materials are available
DLC coating Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coating improves the wear resistancy
Medium to be pumped all kind of liquids including corrosive and abrasive media

The pump drive connection is available in following types:

  • shaft type
  • plug type

Gear metering pump with drive unit

  • Base plate
    • with connection block
  • Coupling
    • curved tooth coupling
    • cardan shaft
    • all-steel coupling
    • magnetic coupling
  • Motor
    • asynchronous gear motor
    • servomotor / servo gear motor
    • synchronous gear motor

The drive units are designed according to the operating conditions.

Sealing systems for the gear pumps

  • gland packing (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • radial shaft seal ring (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • labyrinth sealing
  • mechanical seal in all variants (optionally with barrier liquid)
  • magnetic coupling

Atex Directive II2Gc

A version according to ATEX directive is available for the pump, as well as for the drive.

Tempering of gear pumps

Electrical heating, liquid heating and cooling are available.


Further features

The dosing pumps can be supplied with additional equipment according to requirements :

  • Ÿ Speed control by inverter / servo controller
  • Ÿ Pressure monitoring or control
  • Ÿ Temperature monitoring or control
  • Ÿ Flow monitoring or control
  • Ÿ evaluation options
  • Ÿ Stand-alone dosing station or dosing module prepared for integration in machine environment
  • Ÿ Communication to other machines or control systems