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Discontinuation of Windows 7: What you need to know

2019-03-18 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Microsoft officially discontinues extended support for Windows 7
Users are advised to use Windows 10, but there are some things to keep in mind

The extended support for version 7 of the Windows operating system has been officially discontinued for January 2020. Microsoft has already successively discontinued support since January 2015, as the technology of the operating system has meanwhile been overtaken by that of its successor versions (source: Microsoft). Read here what the consequences are for your complex, computer-based measuring stations and what you should bear in mind.

As a result of the discontinuation, there will be no security-relevant updates for the Windows 7 operating system in the future and therefore sooner or later an automatic conversion to the current Windows version will have to be made in order to retain the functionality of the system. However, this version requires significantly more performance from the computer than the previous system, which means that compatibility with the PC hardware is no longer necessarily guaranteed and can lead to problems.

The update has consequences

Complex measuring stations usually consist of several components, which must be optimally matched to each other in order to guarantee a smooth measuring process. This applies to the measuring probes, measuring axes, machine control as well as to the measuring and evaluation computer with the MarWin software. The Windows operating system with its multitude of subprograms and drivers is also one of these components. If, as in this case, an update or a change is made to the composition of the operating system, this can have an effect on the functionality of your measuring instrument.

Due to an uncontrolled, i.e. unadjusted, update of your operating system, your measuring system might have problems immediately after the update. It may not be possible to start it, or the measurements may no longer run precisely as before.

How to avoid problems

As mentioned before, sooner or later you will have to update your Windows operating system in order to continue using it. In this context, it is absolutely crucial for the full functionality of your measuring station that the conversion of the operating system is accompanied by an update of the computer hardware. Only if your measuring station components are adjusted to the new operating system can it be guaranteed that they function reliably. Your individual contact person at Mahr or technical support will help you with the necessary settings.

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