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Practical tip: Personalizing MarWin applications

2019-02-18 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Data acquisition with MarWin software

In order to start your data acquisition more quickly, thereby accelerating the measurement process in its entirety, you have the option of personalizing and customizing the user login for all MarWin applications (such as MarSurf, MarForm or MarOpto).

Not only faster, but also more reliable

Having your own operator or workpiece profile not only helps to differentiate different users from one another by means of the image. It also means that individually set preferences are stored and made available for later use. For each user, the basic settings, storage paths and rights can be customized. This means you can always start with the right profile for your measuring task.

Several users with the same characteristics

For each profile, 32 newly programmable function keys are generated, which are used to quickly start the Quick & Easy program. You can program them according to your needs. If several users will have the same function key properties, they only need to be programmed for the first user. For all other users, the respective data can be copied into the different directories.

Creating a user profile with image

When starting the MarWin application, you will be asked to log in. To do this, one of the large buttons with the corresponding photo or the name from the list of users can be selected.

In order to have a photo of the respective user displayed when starting the software, you only need to copy a photo in JPEG format into the folder of the respective "user" and rename it to the name "user.jpg". Photos of persons, workpiece types or production lines can be displayed, which facilitate use.




Assignment of function keys

The assignment of the function keys to the respective Quick & Easy programs are stored in the "Users" directory in the following files:








With the individual settings, basic values ​​for new employees or specific types of components can be quickly implemented in existing measuring stations. Due to the common MarWin software platform, the structure of all application programs is the same, making it easy for operators of different measuring stations to make these settings.


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