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Mahr Newsletter December 2016
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The Mahr Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dimensional production metrology. Mahr measuring instruments – from calipers to optical measuring systems – are used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, optics and applications pertaining to renewable energies to measure the smallest length, form and surface deviations on workpieces. In almost all areas of precision manufacturing, metrological innovations from Mahr pave the way for further technical and economic advancement.

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Millimar C 1200 - Now with new functional features
The innovative compact length measuring device Millimar C 1200 has been further developed and equipped with the new firmware version 1.3 – and dynamic measuring function and more.
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Universal measuring system: Form, roughness and contour in one setup
The MarForm MMQ 400-2 enables the fully automatic measurement of shape and positional deviations according to DIN / ISO 1101.
Our new video shows you some examples!
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Precimar PLM 600-E with automatic reversal point search
The PLM 600-E from Mahr offers decisively more speed and measuring comfort in length measurements. The platform control MarEon, the work table with increased accuracy in Z and a motorized TY-axis bring momentum to the measuring room.
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Even more MarCal calipers with more measuring comfort
Since May 2016, Mahr offers the complete range of digital measuring slides for special applications. These are equipped with the most modern measuring system with integrated radio interface.
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Are you familiar with the MarTest dial test indicators?
Since 1936, Mahr has been one of the world's leading suppliers of dial test indicators. The success of the company is based on the continuous development of these products. After all, only those who continue to provide new and decisive impulses meet the growing demands of the market.
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We are members of the German network 'Companies Integrate Refugees'
The 'Companies integrate refugees' network was started in March 2016 and offers companies of various sectors and sizes the opportunity to exchange information on the integration, training and employment of refugees.
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The athletic side of Mahr
Our employees regularly participate in joint sports events in their free time. These include, for example, soccer and beach volleyball tournaments, but above all the “Altstadtlauf” – the annual run through the historic inner city of Göttingen.
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Know-how: Individualized measuring records with MarWin PageDesginer
Creating records and documentation of measuring results has always been of great importance. With the MarWin PageDesigner from MarWin, almost all desires placed on individualized measuring records can be fuflilled.
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