Fully automatic roughness and contour measuring units support Industry 4.0 standard

Vollautomatisierte CNC-Messung von Rauheit und Kontur: Messplatz MarSurf CNC premium von Mahr

Fully automated CNC roughness and contour measurement:
Measuring station MarSurf CNC premium from Mahr


The measuring station MarSurf CNC premium Type 1 is dedicated to roughness and contour measurements, especially on smaller workpieces and even on manually hard-to-reach spots. This “SMAHRT Product” meets the demands of the networked factory of the future: All measuring sequences take place fully automatically and directly in production. Inline measurement is also possible as well as the closed-loop control of production machines.

Nowadays, roughness and contour measurements must take place in the immediate vicinity of production. Modern and future-oriented production control also calls for a quick quality check in a single setup with workpiece detection, automatic test sequences, automatic feed of workpieces for in-line measurement and the possibility to control the production machines via the measurement data in closed-loop. Mahr developed the measuring concept and the “SMAHRT Metrology” of the MarSurf CNC premium for the workpiece production of the future. It is a measuring station that completely determines the surface quality of workpieces.  The fully automatic measuring sequence brings the workpiece into different positions, measures even at measuring locations that are difficult to set manually and makes the process reliable. This makes the measuring system suitable for testing even demanding components from injection technology, pump bodies or automatic transmissions. Roughness and contour evaluations are performed together in one measurement with the highly precise measuring system MarSurf LD 130. The globally unique probe arm changing device allows the exchange of up to 10 different probe arms in the automatic sequence, thus speeding up the measurement process. Since setup time for each programmed measurement is omitted, quality assurance is further accelerated.

The measuring station concept operates in the immediate vicinity of the production machines, which results in reduced distances and shortened times for quality assurance. The measurement system has a vibration isolation system and an enclosure to mitigate environmental effects such as temperature, vibration, acoustic or humidity effect. The measurements are independent of the user and therefore reliable. A high measurement speed ensures that costs can be saved. The statistical evaluation of each feature ensures closed-loop control of the manufacturing process.

Optionally, workpieces can be identified via RFID or data matrix code scanner and the associated program sequence determined. For fully automated measurements, an automatic workpiece feed can be set up. This allows for full operator-independent utilization of the measuring machine. The "one-touch operation" is very easy to use and increases the measurement reliability. At the end, the user immediately receives all results clearly displayed on the screen or printed out as a measuring record and delivered electronically to statistics programs. The innovative measuring station stands for maximum efficiency and flexibility, and is aligned with the requirements of the networked Industry 4.0 factory.

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