CNC measurement with robot in the smart factory

Roboterunterstützter CNC-Messplatz für Kontur- und Rauheitsmessung

Robot-assisted CNC measuring station for contour and
roughness measurement


Mahr CNC measuring stations with robot assistance for contour and roughness measurements are an important component in the networked factory of Industry 4.0. Robots load and unload the workpieces onto and off of these measuring stations. Workpieces are automatically detected, marked and independently measured from the measuring unit according to pre-set measuring programs. These measuring stations ensure that production becomes more individual, more flexible and faster. 

In the smart factory of Industry 4.0, production machines, metrology and production processes are adaptable and networked. Workpieces have data matrix codes containing information relevant to their production and quality. Machines can read this information and adapt themselves to production. As the application specialist, Mahr offers automatic CNC measuring stations that are integrated in the networked factory of the future – for 100% control as well as sample testing. Metrology 4.0 thus accelerates the entire quality assurance process and simultaneously increases product assurance.

The CNC measuring concept from Mahr is comprised of a loading station onto which smart workpieces can be placed. The robot automatically handles the products in the measuring sequence. A recognition station with camera identifies the product via the data matrix code and the measuring station receives information about the workpiece to be measured. The robot loads the product onto the rotating table and selects the appropriate measuring program with the correct measuring sequence – for example, a contour and roughness measurement. The high-precision measuring system MarSurf LD 130 then performs the product-specific measurement. It moves the probe to the measuring positions independently, ensuring it is free from operator errors. Then the reading and marking station identifies the workpiece and using a laser, another label is added in the form of a number - including the quality, for example. Subsequently, the robot deposits the product in the storage area.

The robot-assisted CNC measuring stations from Mahr accelerate quality assurance: The entire measurement sequence is significantly sped up through automated handling via robot by loading and unloading the measuring station, marking and unloading at the storage area. The recorded measurement data or results can be saved via the bus system in a quality database or a cloud.

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