Measurement of small workpieces within seconds

Hochgenaue Messung kleinerer Werkstücke: MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus von Mahr

High-precision measurement of small workpieces:
MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus from Mahr


MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus from Mahr is used for the optical quality assurance of small rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The measuring station has established itself worldwide within a year. Users benefit from the high accuracy of the matrix camera. The measuring station has been designed for the smart factory of Industry 4.0: Measurements are fully automated and workpieces can optionally be detected by a barcode reader.

The optical shaft measuring station MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus is used in large companies as successfully as in small workshops. Production plants use it to check the production quality of small, rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The measuring system is designed for workpieces with a diameter of up to 40 mm and a maximum length of 250 mm - for example, the nozzle body of injector systems, bone screws and small turned parts. The high-precision matrix camera with four million pixels achieves excellent accuracy: the error limit for the length measurement is less than 3 µm + L/100 (L in mm) - which is significantly more accurate than measuring systems using a line camera. Thanks to the precision small contour elements such as radii, chamfer or grooves are highly accurately measured. The desired contour of the workpiece is detected in a few seconds in the scanning process. The measuring speed of the Z-axis is up to 200 mm/s. The camera takes 120 to 140 pictures per second. Alternatively to the scanning method, a desired 3D target profile (STEP file) can be loaded and used to create a program.

The measurements are performed automatically, directly on the shop floor and in close proximity to the production machines. Since the measuring machine is very compact, it can be placed anywhere in production. The operation is very user friendly, easy and therefore fast: The operator only needs to unpack the machine, set it up, and connect it to start checking workpieces right away – there is only one cable for the power plug. The machine is operated by touch screen or keyboard and mouse. All this considerably accelerates the quality of workpieces.

The measuring machine is also designed for the smart factory of Industry 4.0: an optional barcode reader detects workpieces; this enables the appropriate measurement program to start automatically and the measurement process is fully automatic without operator influence. For professional analysis of measurement data, the proven software EasyShaft is used based on the software platform MarWin. New measurement sequences can be programmed quickly and easily. On request, the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus can be delivered with a highly accurate Formtester C axis. It has a concentricity accuracy of less than 30 nm in axial and radial direction.

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