MaraMeter 844 NB Self-centering dial bore gage
  • Measuring head consists of a carbide tipped moving anvil and an interchangeable stationary anvil with a carbide ball
  • Transmission lever system transfers movement of the movable anvil to indicating instrument
  • The broad centering bridge ensures automatic centering in the bore
  • Resistent to temperature because the shank and transfer rod are made of heat resistant Invar steel
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear because of carbide tipped moving anvil
  • Constant measuring force due to built-in spring thus eliminating user influence
  • Universally applicable and extremely versatile as every instrument spans a broad measuring range, within this range it is quick and easy to adjust to any size
  • Invar steel has a particularly low expansion coefficient and thus makes the instrument totally insensitive to any kind of heat. Body heat from the user, increases in ambient temperature have no influence on the measuring results
  • Technical data

Order no.Product typeMeasuring range inchesMeasuring range mmRepeatability fw (µm)Error limit Ge (µm)
844 NB
0.79 - 2"
20 - 50
1 µm
4 µm
844 NB
2 - 4.33"
50 - 110
1 µm
3 µm
844 NB
4.33 - 11.81"
110 - 300
1 µm
2.5 µm