MarSurf FI 2100 AS
Fizeau Interferometer with CGR Technology for Measuring Aspheric Surfaces
The MarSurf FI 2100 AS is the most technologically advanced member of Mahr's Fizeau interferometer family, making it ideal for quality assurance in asphere production. It can perform non-contact measurements of aspheric, spherical and flat surfaces within seconds. With a fully automated workstation and the capability to measure toric, biconic and other axially asymmetric aspheric surfaces, the MarSurf FI 2100 AS is the new standard in aspheric metrology. The MarSurf FI 2100 AS operates on the well-established IntelliWave software platform. It provides an intuitive user interface, ease of use, and the flexibility to handle multiple surface metrology applications. MarSurf FI 2100 AS incorporates an interferometric analysis technique called Sub-Nyquist Sampling (SNS). SNS overcomes the limitations of measuring large wavefront slopes. SNS is used in conjunction with traditional phase-shifting (PSI) and therefore the precision inherent to PSI is maintained. Capable of analyzing more than five fringes per camera pixel, Mahr's technology allows for a significant increase in the range of slope measurements, or amount of aspheric departure, that can be measured by the interferometer. This is all accomplished with no increase in the amount of required data and no need for special hardware such as null lenses or CGHs.

  • Capable of measuring aspheres, torics, biconics, off-axis paraboloids, freeforms, and other surfaces without rotational symmetry
  • No null lenses, CGHs, axial scanning, or stitching required
  • Options for fully or semi-automated workstations
  • ≥ 1.5 mm of aspheric departure
  • Highly flexible with a superior cost-performance benefit