MarSurf CWM 100
  • Precision, computer-controlled optical measuring instrument with sub-nanometer resolution
  • Combined 3D measuring system comprising a confocal microscope and white light interferometer
  • Highest precision with sub-nanometer resolution
  • Universal suitability for technical, optical and reflective surfaces. Also for surfaces of printed circuit boards and semiconductor products as well as biological tissues
  • 2D surface analysis and measuring evaluations
  • Topographic 3D surface analysis and measuring evaluations
  • Intelligent measuring strategies - fast measurements – short measuring times
  • Microscope image field sizes, easily expandable by fully automatic stitching
  • Automatic table or object positioning: 100 mm x 100 mm, longer distances on request
  • A wide range of lenses allows for an ideal adaptation to the measurement object
  • Solid construction with granite base plate and granite column for the best possible vibration damping
  • Professional evaluation software based on MountainsMap ©
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Measuring principle
By interferometer, by white light interferometer and confocal
Light source (KFM and WLI): LED, 505 nm
Measuring range mm
Sensor unit can be moved 100 mm in Z, CNC controlled
Object table can be moved 100 mm in X and Y, CNC controlled

Interferometer, white light interferometer:
Measuring range (WLI): More as 4 mm (Standard mode), more as 20 mm in extended mode

Confocal microscope:
Measuring range (KFM): Up to 10 mm (depending on resolution in Z and lens)
230 V, 50 Hz

Machine building
  • All types of metal surfaces (ground, rolled, etc.)
  • Laser structured surfaces, ceramic and plastic surfaces, mold surfaces

  • Medicine
  • Metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces of implants, prostheses and instruments

  • Electronics

  • Surface analysis of coatings, measurement and analysis of electronic and semi-conductor components

  • Optics

  • Form and roughness analysis of various optical components (all materials)

  • CT 120 2 axis tilting table
  • Setting table angle +/- 30°
  • Standards set
  • Confocal microscope KFM objective lenses:
        - 10x0,5; 20x0,75
        - 50x0,6; 50x0,8; 100x0,9 with 11 mm gap between object table and workpiece
  • White light interferometer WLI objective lenses:
        - 2,5x0,075; 5x0,13; 10x0,3; 20x0,4; 50x0,55; 100x0,7

  • Sensor system:
    • Confocal microscope KFM with 6x nosepiece
    • Camera, 780 x 580 pixels, up to 48 images/s (standard version)
    • 100 mm CNC controlled Z axis with integrated Heidenhain glass scale
    • One operating software with WLI and confocal software modules
  • Granite base frame and column with sensor system and CNC controlled object table
  • CNC controled motorized Z axis and XY table for probe positioning and image field merging
  • Lenses (optional):
    • 4x to 150x (confocal microscope)
    • 2.5x to 100x (white light interferometer)