MarSurf CWM 100 3D Surface Measurement
The multi-measurement solution
The MarSurf CWM 100 is a precise optical measuring instrument with sub-nanometer resolution combining a confocal microscope with a white light Interferometer.

Key benefits:
  • Highest precision with sub-nanometer resolution
  • Universal suitability for technical, optical and reflective surfaces. Also for surfaces of printed circuit boards and semiconductor products as well as biological tissues
  • 2D surface analysis and measuring evaluations
  • Topographic 3D surface analysis and measuring evaluations
  • Intelligent measuring strategies - fast measurements – short measuring times
  • Microscope image field sizes, easily expandable by fully automatic stitching
  • Automatic table or object positioning: 100 mm x 100 mm, longer distances on request
  • A wide range of lenses allows for an ideal adaptation to the measurement object
  • Solid construction with granite base plate and granite column for the best possible vibration damping
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Measuring principle
By interferometer, by white light interferometer and confocal
Light source (CM and WLI): LED, 505 nm
Measuring range mm
Sensor unit can be moved 100 mm in Z, CNC controlled
Object table can be moved 100 mm in X and Y, CNC controlled

Interferometer, white light interferometer:
Measuring range (WLI): More as 4 mm (Standard mode), more as 20 mm in extended mode

Confocal microscope:
Measuring range (CM): Up to 10 mm (depending on resolution in Z and lens)
230 V, 50 Hz

Mechanical Engineering
To qualify and quantify roughness, geometry and wear volume

Electronics and semiconductors
Component inspection down to the sub-micrometer range for defect-free products

Medical Technology
Quality assurance of medical surfaces in production and laboratory

Material Science
Optimization of functional properties of new surfaces and products

Microsystems Technology
Measure complex surface geometries of smallest components with nanometer precision

  • CT 120 two-axes Tilting table
  • tilting table for large angles  +/- 30°
  • Set of standards
  • WLI Objective lenses 2.5x0.075;  5x0.13;  10x0.3;  20x0.4;  50x0.55;  100x0.7
  • Confocal microscope objective lenses 10x0.3; 10x0.5; 20x0.4; 20x0.75; 50x0.6; 50x0.8; 100x0.9
  • MarSurf MfM for professional evaluation, graphical representation and creation of measuring records
    (choice of Standard, Extended or Premium Version)
  • Activevibration isolation system
    (for optimum damping for measurements in the nanometer and sub-nanometer range

  • Sensor system consists of:
    • Confocal microscope & WLI with 6x nosepiece
    • Camera, 780 x 580 pixels, up to 48 images/s (standard version)
    • 100 mm CNC controlled Z axis with integrated Heidenhain glass scale
  • One operating software with WLI and confocal software modules
  • Granite base frame and column with sensor system and CNC controlled object table
  • CNC controled motorized Z axis and XY table for probe positioning and image field merging
  • Lenses (optional)
    4x to 150x (confocal microscope)
    - 2.5x to 100x (white light Interferometer)