MarForm Software MarWin
MarWin AdvancedForm for MarForm gives you full control over your form measuring station. You can position, align, measure and document at the click of a mouse – and the graphical user interface keeps you fully informed at all times.

Functions can be selected with the mouse from pull-down menus in menu bars, just as in other Windows® applications.

MarWin lets you stay in control of the form measuring station at all times. You can track the profile shape while it is being measured, and intervene if you wish. The controls can be adapted to individual requirements. Whether you are carrying out a quick individual measurement, starting a program sequence on a series component or converting a complex measuring task into a measuring program: MarWin offers the ideal operating strategy for every task. As tasks can differ so greatly, there is no one operating strategy that is perfect for every application.

That is why MarWin offers a variety of operating strategies:
  • EasyForm: Easy to learn and shortest way to achieve a meaningful measuring record
  • Favorite measuring runs for measurement using an existing measuring program
  • Quick&Easy
    for fast measurement; obtain a measuring result quickly, with minimal effort
  • Teach-in programming
    for creating, modifying and running a measuring program, with lots of different options

  • The powerful teach-in programming feature of AdvancedForm allows you to create measuring programs for frequently measured workpieces. It can also be used to create measuring runs containing special positioning movements, measurements, evaluations and displays.

    In teach-in programming, simply use the mouse to click on an icon – e.g. for measuring and evaluating a run – and a window opens in which you can describe the feature in more detail (e.g. radial or axial run-out, datum, code name, tolerance, etc.). The number and type of measurements (true measurement or reevaluation of already measured profiles) are also specified in this window. Separate windows can be opened for editing measuring, evaluation and display parameters. In many cases, however, this is unnecessary, as default values are already entered which can be used for many measuring tasks. If different settings are required for specific measuring tasks, then the clear window layout will quickly take you to the right place, allowing you to optimize the settings in a flash.

    Measuring programs for frequently measured series components can be saved and then opened and started as a measuring run (see above) at any time.

    Meaningful graphical profile displays, with several profiles in one graphic if required, displayed in different colors and in various ways, are immediately available on the generously sized color screen. If you are interested in exact numerical values, you can choose to display the results as a table.