Precimar Precimar ICM 100 Dial indicator test device
The Precimar ICM 100 is the most cost effective test station for the partially or fully automated testing of dial indicators, dial comparators, dial test indicator measuring devices and 2 point bore gages, as well as inductive and incremental measuring probes.
  • Automated sub-processes with motorized measuring spindle drive
  • Fully automatic measuring procedure with digital measuring equipment
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Testpiece help by a vertical guide
  • Fast height adjustment to adapt measuring objects to different measuring ranges
  • Rigid, box-shaped device housing
  • For measuring objects with 8 mm, 28 mm, 3/8'' shaft diameter
  • Electronic handwheel for manual control of spindle movement
  • The sensitivity of the electronic handwheel adjusts automatically to the testpiece resolution
  • All control elements are ergonomically arranged
  • Complies with Ernst Abbe's comparator principle for maximum measuring accuracies
  • LIF 101 measuring system with computer-aided deviation correction
  • Checking of 2 point bore gages with no loss of accuracy
  • Pre-positioning: automatic
  • Fine positioning: electronic rotary knob
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device dimensions
235 x 216 x 480
Digital numerical increment [µm]
Direct measuring range [mm]
Measuring uncertainty MPEE1 (L in mm) [µm]
≤ (0,2 + L/250)

For testing of:

  • Dial indicators (analog and digital)
  • Dial comparators (analog and digital)
  • Dial test indicator measuring devices (analog and digital)
  • Inductive and incremental probes
  • 2 point bore gages

  • Holder for dial test indicator measuring devices
  • Wide choice of adapters for digital dial indicators and incremental measuring probes from various manufacturers
  • Contact Mahr for the specific adapter
  • Inductive probes from various manufacturers can be connected to the probe box
  • Holding device and software for testing 2 point bore gages with a moving measuring pin (test in accordance with VDI / VDE / DGQ 2618, Part 13.2, 2005)
  • Device for force sensor upon request
  • Camera attachment kit for precise and ergonomically better work during the semi-automatic measuring sequences
  • Calibration set for user calibration
  • A factory calibration or DAkkS/DKD calibration is available for the measuring station

  • Basic unit 100
  • Cable connection USB resp. RS232
  • Adapter 9 to 25-pin
  • Mains adapter 100-240 V
  • Adapter busing 28 to 8 mm
  • Mahr Calibration certificate