Individual measuring solutions for production

Kundenspezifische Messlösung: Zahnrad-Messplatz MarSolution UKTP von MWF Roland Friedrich

Customer-specific measuring solution:
Gear measuring station MarSolution UKTP from MWF Roland Friedrich


Customized MarSolution measurement solutions have long been an important product range of Mahr. To further expand this segment, the MWF Roland Friedrich GmbH was added to the Mahr Group in 2015. The renowned metrology manufacturer from Großostheim has specialized in custom measuring stations and testing solutions for individual workpieces for many years. The company also offers services from design and development to customer service. 

Hand measuring stations through to fully automatic machines for 100-percent control: The MWF Roland Friedrich GmbH is the leading manufacturer of customized measurement and test solutions. By joining forces with Mahr, their metrology is complemented by the Mahr technology portfolio and is now also available through a worldwide sales and service network.

The product portfolio of MWF Roland Friedrich offers two types of measuring instruments: Firstly, measuring stations for final inspection which can measure and check all important measuring tasks on a finished workpiece. This allows the operator to assess the "Global Quality" of a workpiece. The second group of measuring instruments consists of special measuring stations which are used in the production line between the individual production steps. They are used to check the measurement parameters that are specific to each production step.

Supporting the Industry 4.0 and a SMAHRT solution, networking, workpiece recognition by barcode reader or loading/unloading by robot is made possible. MWF Roland Friedrich also offers a complete range of services from project management and design / development of instruments to the turnkey handover, commissioning and training at the customer’s site, to customer service with maintenance. The aim is to accompany businesses long term in the quality assurance of their workpieces, from the generation of an idea to the successful use of the equipment.

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