MarGear GMX 400 ZL Universal gear measuring center
Precision, fully automatic testing of gears and gear cutting tools up to an outer diameter of 400 mm.

The ideal solution for both universal and specialist gear manufacturing.

System solutions provide the ultimate in flexibility and availability within a modern gear wheel component production facility. MarGear GMX, a networked variant for use close to the production area, offers fast and efficient analysis of possible gear deviations.

This allows for a direct assessment of the deviation and an automatically generated machine error correction.
Gear and form measurements carried out on a single measuring instrument.

High-precision 3D scanning sensor combined with directly driven C-axis for accuracy and efficiency

Control unit
4-axis Power PC control unit

Extended Z measuring range for measuring long drive shafts up to 650 mm.
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Max. workpiece weight [kg]
60 (80 on request)
Mass [kg]
Accuracy class I for gear measurements in accordance with VDI/VDE 2612/2613 Group 1 at 20°C ± 2°C
Axial run-out deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius)
0.11 µm + 0.0008 µm/mm
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* max. diameter of cylindrical gears
Radial run-out deviation (µm in table height)
≤ 0.11 µm
Height (mm)
2,147 mm
Width (mm)
600 mm
Measuring path (mm), Z-axis
Measuring path (mm), Y-axis
Diameter max.* [mm]
Distance between peaks [mm]
Length (mm)
1,560 mm
Measuring path (mm), X-axis

Fully automatic testing of:
  • Straight and helical toothed cylindrical gears
  • Spiral and hypoid bevel gears
  • Crown gears
  • Cylindrical worms
  • Conical and asymmetrical cylindrical gears
  • Segment gears
  • Shaving cutters
  • Hobs
  • Cutting wheels
  • Synchronous gears
  • Beveloid gears
  • 3D geometries, form and position measurements, diameters, distances
  • Special gear-cutting tools on request

  • Active vibration damping system
  • Revolving counter-tip
  • Chuck 70 mm
  • Chuck 200 mm

  • Tailstock up to clamping length 700 mm
  • Active damping system