MarOpto MT 150 Measuring Towers
Mahr presents the Fizeau interferometer measuring towers of the MarOpto MT series. These are modern workshop interferometer towers for operation close to production. Vertical tower solutions offer easy handling of lenses, quick measurement, including vibration damping and requires little space. Besides testing form deviation, towers with scales can towers with scales can produce highly accurate radius measurements as well. Motorized axes allow easy and fast operation.

MarOpto MT 150 is a highly precise Fizeau interferometer measuring tower (optionally with CGH mount) for the testing of flat, spherical and optionally aspherical lenses. The high precision kinematics and the interferometer with up to 150 mm / 6“ beam diameter make this measuring tower the ideal tool for the production of high performance optics.

MarOpto FI 1100 Z and MarOpto FI 1150 Z are the powerful interferometers of Mahr used in the MarOpto MT 150:
  • Optimized for use at the production level
  • Measuring stand made of shock-absorbing granite for highest accuracy and rigidity
  • Mounted on passive air dampening elements on stable steel base frame
  • Radii slide with backlash-free, pre-loaded antifriction bearing
  • Variable speed via joystick, travel 1250 mm
  • 3-axis table; various options for Y/X measurement (z-axis in the base unit)
  • Glass scale with 5 μm measuring accuracy for the total travel for absolute measuring precision of radii, scale mounted close to the optical axis (Abbe’s principle)
  • Radii axis measured by laser alignment
  • Innovative 4" and 6" Mahr interferometers incl. IntelliWave software for phase-shifted or static acquisition and reporting
  • Because of automation capabilities it fits best for factory floor applications
  • Space-saving design and good accessibility
  • Including mobile PC-workstation with integrated electrical cabinet and storage system
  • Applications
  • Options

  • Non-contact measurement and evaluation of spheres and aspherical components in the field of micro-optics
  • Interferometer for optics up to 150 mm diameter

  • Optional extras for the MarOpto MT 150 interferometer measuring tower include objective lens extensions, lens cover and lens holder.
  • Remote control for focus and zoom