MarOpto MT 300s Measuring Towers
Mahr presents the Fizeau interferometer measuring towers of the MarOpto MT series. These are modern workshop interferometer towers for operation close to production. Different models cover a large range from 1/2“ (small table-top tower) to 12“ (CNC stitching tower) measuring area. Vertical tower solutions offer easy handling of lenses, quick measurement, including vibration damping and requires little space. Besides testing form deviation, towers with scales can towers with scales can produce highly accurate radius measurements as well. Motorized axes allow easy and fast operation.

MarOpto MT 300s is a multifunctional 4‘‘ stitching interferometer for testing large-aperture spheres up to a diameter of 300 mm and surface areas up to a diameter of 300 mm.

MarOpto FI 1100 Z is the powerful Interferometer from Mahr used in the MarOpto MT 300s:
  • 4" Fizeau interferometer with low measurement uncertainty
  • Rigid granite base with air damping
  • High precision radii slide in Z-axis adjustment
  • Interferometer module in inverse position on X/Y cross stage
  • High resolution swivel axis (B-axis) for positioning of high aperture spheres in the optical path
  • Direct-driven rotation axis (C-axis) to rotate high aperture spheres and plano surfaces in the optical path
  • Standard workpiece holders HD-workpiece holder (others optional)
  • Compact design with integrated PC working place
  • CNC-Stitching
  • Applications
  • Options

  • Non-contact testing and evaluation of spheres and plano surfaces
  • Interferometer for high-aperture optics up to 300 mm

  • Matching Fizeau measuring objectives
  • Tilting table for adjustment of plano surface