MarSurf UD 130 Combined contour and surface measuring station
MarSurf UD 130
Mahr replace with the MarSurf UD 130 the successful MarSurf UD 120 and closed the gap between the high end solution MarSurf LD 130/LD 260 and the standard combination measuring station MarSurf XCR 20 with two drive units.
The technical specification of the MarSurf UD 130 is far superior to that of the MarSurf UD 120: in particular, the measuring and positioning speeds have reduced the measuring time for each workpiece.
  • Technical data

2 nm
Start of traversing length (in X)
0.1 mm
End of traversing length (in X)
130 mm
Positioning speed
0.1 mm/s to 30 mm/s
Measuring speed
0.1 mm/s to 5 mm/s;
for roughness measurements
0.1 mm/s to 0.5 mm/s are recommended
Standard probe LP-D 14-10-2/60°
Measuring range mm

10 mm (100 mm probe arm)
20 mm (200 mm probe arm)

Profile resolution
2 nm
Traversing lengths
0.1 mm to 130 mm
Measuring force (N)
1 mN to 30 mN, software-adjustable