MarSurf M 300 C Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument
  • Bright, illuminated color display
  • Automatic selection of filter and traversing length conforming to standards
  • Integrated thermal graphics printer of high print quality
  • Print out of R profile via the thermal graphics printer
  • Log printed by pressing a button or automatically
  • Data transfer of results and profiles via USB interface to your PC
  • Evaluation of most common parameters conforming to international standards and in accordance to ISO/JIS as well as characteristic curves, parameter lists (e.g. material ratio curve)
  • Printing of R profile (ISO/ASME/JIS), P profile (motif), material ratio curve, measuring record
  • Measuring units (μm/μinch) and standards (ISO/Jis/asme/motif) are selectable
  • Tolerance monitoring
  • Integrated memory for results of up to 40000 measurements and 30 profiles
  • Setting of asymmetric intersection lines for peak count calculation
  • Individual sampling lengths and short cutoff can be selected
  • Key pad lock and/or password protection for instrument settings
  • Built in rechargeable battery with power management
  • Integrated roughness standard for the standard pick-up PHT 6-350
  • Dynamic calibration function
  • Date and/or time of measurement
  • MarSurf PS1/M300 explorer software for recording measurements (option)
  • Technical data

Measuring principle
stylus method
Inductive skidded probe
Measuring units
μm/μinch selectable
Measuring range mm
Profile resolution
8 nm
Vertical Scale
Horizontal scale
dep. on cutoff
Log contents
R-profile, MRK, P-profile (MOTIF), results
Filter according to ISO/JIS
Gauß-Filter, Ls-Filter
Short stroke under ISO/JIS
Traversing length according ISO 12085 (MOTIF)
1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm,16 mm
Evaluation lenth In according to ISO/JIS
1.25 mm, 4 mm, 12.5 mm
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS
selectable: 1-5
Contacting speeds
0.5 mm/s
2 µm
Measuring force (N)
high resolution color display, 3.5", 320 x 240 pixel
automatic/manual record with time
Thermal printer, 384 points/horizontal line, 20 characters/line
Printing speed
approx. 6 lines/second corresponds to approx. 25 mm/s (1 in/s)
Ø 40.0 mm -1.0 mm, width 57.5 mm-0.5 mm, coated
Calibration function
Storage capacity
internal memory for max. 40000 results, max. 30 profiles
Password protection
Lock for device settings
drive unit, power sorce, USB, MarConnect
Relative humidity
30 % to 85 %
System of protection
M 300 = IP 42, RD 18 = IP 40
Operating temp. range
+5 °C to +40 °C
Temperature range for storage
-15 °C to +55 °C
Power supplied
NiMH battery, capacity: approx. 500 measurements (dep. on number and length of record printouts)
Rechargeable batteries
NiMH battery, capacity: approx. 500 measurements
Wide range power supply
Plug-in power pack with three power adapters, for input voltages from 90 V to 264 V
Dimensions (L x W x H) for Drive unit in mm.
139 x 26 mm
Weight Drive unit
approx. 300 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) for Measuring instrument in mm.
190 x 140 x 75 mm
Weight Measuring instrument
approx. 1 kg