MarSurf WM 100
MarSurf WM 100, a 3D white light interferometer measuring system. This precision optical measuring instrument has sub-nanometer resolution and measuring accuracy.
  • Maximum precision with sub-nanometer resolution and measuring accuracy
  • Suitable for all optical and reflective surfaces, fine technical surfaces and surfaces of circuit boards, semiconductor products and biological tissue
  • 2D surface analysis and measurement evaluations
  • Topographical 3D surface analysis and measurement evaluations
  • Fast measurements #96 short measuring times
  • Manual table and object positioning in up to 4 axes
  • Wide choice of lenses for perfect adjustment to the measuring object
  • Sturdy design with granite base plate
  • Professional evaluation software based on MountainsMap©
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Measuring principle
By interferometer, by white light interferometer
Light source (WLI): LED, 505 nm
Measuring range mm
Sensor unit can be moved manually over 200 mm in Z
Object table can be moved manually in X and Y

Interferometer, white light interferometer:
Measuring range (WLI): Up to 100 µm (vertical). More on request.
230 V, 50 Hz

Machine building
All types of fine metal surfaces (ground, rolled, etc.), also laser-structured surfaces, fine ceramic and plastic surfaces, mold surfaces

Metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces of implants, prostheses and instruments


Surface analysis of coatings, measurement and analysis of electronic and semiconductor components


Roughness analysis of various optical components (all materials)

CT 120 two-axis tilting table
Setting table angle +/- 30°

Standards set

White light interferometer:

WLI objective lenses 2.5x0.075;  5x0.13;  10x0.3;  20x0.4;  50x0.55;  100x0.7

  • Active vibration damping table for optimal measurements in the nanometer and sub-nanometer range

  • Sensor system, comprising:
    • WLI sensor head
    • Camera, 768 x 582 pixels, up to 48 f/s
    • 100 µm piezo drive z-measuring head
    • WLI software module, operating software
  • Granite base and column with manual positioning of sensor system
  • Manual XY object table for probe positioning
  • 20x0.4 DI lens (white light interferometer)