MarSurf XCR 20 Roughness and contour measuring station
Roughness and contour measurement at a measuring station with MarSurf XCR 20
Combined measuring station allows both surface roughness and contour measurements to be performed at a single measuring station. Depending on the measuring task, either the GD 25 drive unit for surface roughness measurements or the PCV drive unit for contour measurements can be activated.
The two measuring systems are fixed to the measuring stand by means of a combi holder.
  • Space-saving design: the two drive units can be adapted by means of the corresponding combi holder to MarSurf ST 500 or ST 750 measuring stands
  • Roughness and contour evaluation from a single measurement
  • High precision contour and roughness evaluation for components requiring a long stroke and very high resolution with the MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260 measuring system
  • Quick changeover between roughness and contour measurement simply by switching within the software platform and swapping mechanical components such as the drive unit and probe
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In Z, relative to stylus tip:
0.38 µm (350 mm probe arm) / 0.19 µm (175 mm probe arm)

In Z, relative to measuring system:
0.04 µm

Sampling angle
On smooth surfaces, depending on deflection:
trailing edges up to 88°, leading edges up to 77°
Start of traversing length (in X)
0.2 mm
Tip radius
Contacting speed (in Z)
0.1 to 1 mm/s
Probe arm length
175 mm, 350 mm
End of traversing length (in X)
200 mm
Positioning speed
In X and return speed: 0.2 to 8 mm/s
In Z: 0.2 to 10 mm/s
Guide deviation
< 1 µm (over 200 mm)
Measuring speed
0.2 mm/s to 4 mm/s
Measuring principle
Stylus method
R probe, MFW 250
Optical probe Focodyn*, LS 1*, LS 10*
(*only in conjunction with PGK or GD 120 CNC drive unit)
Measuring range mm
(in Z) 50 mm
MFW 250: ±25 µm, ±250 µm, (up to ±750 µm); ±1000 µin, ±10,000 µin (up to ±30,000 µin)
Traversing lengths
Automatic; 0.56 mm; 1.75 mm; 5.6 mm; 17.5 mm, 56 mm,
(.022 / .070 / .224 / .700 / 2.240 in),
Measurement up to stop, variable
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS
1 to 50 (default: 5)
Measuring force (N)
1 mN to 120 mN, below and above
(can be set in MarSurf XC 20)

Machine building
Bearings, threads, threaded rods, ball screws, shafts, racks, valves

Automotive industry
Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger

Contour and surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses, contour measurement for medical screws, contour and surface roughness measurement for dental implants

Turbine components

  • MarSurf ST 750 measuring stand
  • Parallel V-block
  • Equipment table

Software options:
  • Option profile processing
  • Option dominant waviness
  • Option user defined parameters
  • Option topography
  • Option QS-STAT / QS-STAT Plus
  • Option thread evaluation

  • MarSurf PCV 200 contour drive unit
  • MarSurf GD 25 roughness drive unit

  • Combined measuring station with one measuring stand and two drive units (PCV 200 and MarSurf GD 25)
  • Combined measuring station with quick-change holders (GD 120, PCV 20)
  • MarSurf LD 130 / 260 for precision contour and roughness evaluation on components

  • MarSurf XCR 20 including PC, MidRange Standard, MarSurf XCR 20 software, Mahr license key
  • TFT monitor
  • MarSurf PCV 200 / MarSurf GD 25 drive unit
  • MarSurf ST 500 measuring stand (including combi holder)
  • Calibration set, PGN-3
  • MCP 21 manual control panel
  • CT 300 XY table