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Offline programming using 3D model
MarCAD is the consequent expansion of the MarWin software platform with the aim of making the operation of the Mahr form testers as simple and efficient as possible. MarCAD is a new programming platform that implements offline programming on the 3D model for form testers for the first time. In the simplest way, the user is thus enabled to create powerful and already optimized measurement programs.

Reduction of idle times
Save valuable time by reducing the idle time of your form tester. With the help of MarCAD, you can create effective measuring programs in the shortest amount of time offline on the 3D CAD model. Then test the programs in simulation mode and transfer them to your form tester. Programming on the form tester is completely unnecessary and the measuring station is used more economically.

Facilitates work in quality assurance
MarCAD facilitates daily work in the field of quality assurance. Particularly when new components must often be programmed, a considerable reduction of the idle time of the measuring machine and programming work is possible:
• Complete creation of the measurement program on the 3D CAD model
• Recognition of the optimal clamping position
• Detecting and solving problems concerning the accessibility of measuring points
• Reliable positioning at complex measuring points
• Automatic determination of the most efficient measurement strategy
• Ideal when pre-series or prototypes are to be measured for the first time

The measurement program creation is carried out on the CAD model before the production of the first component. This saves valuable time during the development and production process.