MarForm Software MarWin
The Marwin ProfessionalForm evaluation software for MarForm form measuring machines is especially designed and optimized to the requirements of form measuring machine types MarForm MFK, MMQ and MFU. Thanks to MarScript, the software is highly flexible and easy to use with the Quick&Easy assistant. Comfortable and complete user administration guarantees safety when organizing the measuring machine. The open software architecture is flexible for special applications and future-proof when it comes to new or customer-specific evaluation standards.

MarWin ProfessionalForm consists of the following components:

  • EasyForm: Easy to learn and shortest way to achieve a meaningful measuring record
  • Favorite measuring runs for measurement using an existing measuring program Quick&Easy
  • For fast measurement; obtain a measuring result quickly, with minimal effort
  • TeachIn programming
  • For creating, modifying and running a measuring program, with lots of different options
  • MarEdit
    the operating level for application engineers and trained specialists for solving the most challenging of tasks.

    In addition to the EasyForm and AdvancedForm components, MarWin ProfessionalForm provides the option of creating powerful and complex measuring programs in MarEdit mode using the MarScript script language.

    A menu-driven range of programs can, for example, be created enabling users to safely create a range of parts and the most complex measuring tasks that can be reproduced.

    Programming within MarEdit is seen as a manageable level of complexity. Only the task that cannot be completed with the MarWin measuring assistants (Quick&Easies) is programmed in the script language. This means that a program in MarEdit usually contains Quick&Easies. This makes programming easier and means that measurement engineers can learn how to program.

    MarWin ProfessionalForm can be used with all MarForm form testers.