Micromar 44 CZ Inside Micrometer
  • Satin chrome finished operating and display units, anti-glare
  • Measuring head and End piece with mounting bore for interchangeable anvils
  • Rigid, lightweight tubular construction
  • Spindle is hardened throughout and ground, stainless
  • Locking device
  • Interchangeable extensions 44 Cv with cylindrical gage rods that are spring-mounted in protective sleeves; for the extension of the measuring range
  • Protection sleeves have a satin chrome finish
  • Measuring head 44 CZm
  • End piece 44 CZe
  • Case
  • Technical data

Order no.Measuring range mmGraduation value mmError limit µmSpindle thread pitch_mmError limit
200 - 225
8 µm
0.5 mm
4+(l/100)µm l= length of the combination in mm