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Bestseller MarSurf: powerful overall package for your quality assurance - Image
Almost two years after its market launch, the MarSurf CD, GD and VD series for measuring contour and roughness breaks all records; never before have we sold so many machines in such a short time. The secret? The uniform, self-contained system: intuitive operation and enormous flexibility –...
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2019-10-18 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Measure better – with the MarSurf QE software - Image
Faster and easier measurement – the MarSurf QE software operator guidance combines your various measurement programs into one test plan and assumes the task of "job management" for recurring measurement tasks. The operator guidance is a framework program running under MarWin...
Upgrade your unit: How to make more out of your surface measuring station - Image
With the MarSurf Engineered Series 001 and 002 you can effectively and economically improve your proven, standardized roughness and contour measurement methods. Equip your existing measuring station with optional additional modules to make it well-equipped and competitive against modern...
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2019-08-15 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Making wear visible - Image
Even in an established discipline such as engine technology, reducing friction remains one of the central development goals. Even if the friction behavior has improved significantly in the last ten to 15 years: There are still opportunities for optimization. In order to track down these potentials,...
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2019-08-14 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Cooperation promotes e-mobility - Image
E-mobility is currently the predominant topic in the automotive industry. New solutions and approaches are being sought to drive the transition from the combustion engine to the electric motor. Together with SENIS AG, Mahr has developed a joint product to improve the quality testing of complex...
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2019-05-13 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Innovative solutions for production - Image
Mahr Engineered Solutions at Control 2019 In the workshop or in the measuring room, certain characteristics are typically measured with mobile devices – such as those of engine blocks, for example. These are usually deep blind holes or through holes as well as surfaces that are difficult to...
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2019-05-09 | Products | Reilly, Karin
When the standard is not enough: Customized measuring stations - Image
What applies to clothing also applies to metrology: an off-the-shelf product does not always fit. Then a customer-specific, tailor-made solution must be found that meets the special environmental conditions and the requirements for operability, reliability and speed. Individual solutions are...
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2019-05-08 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Precimar SM 60 – "The small one" in length metrology - Image
The new SM 60 small-length measuring bench is the latest addition to the Precimar portfolio. Thanks to its small size, simple and fast operation, robust design and great flexibility, external measurements on workpieces can be carried out quickly and precisely. The youngest member of the Precimar...
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2019-04-16 | Products | Reilly, Karin
MarControl: More comfort in surface analysis - Image
The innovative measuring stations of the MarSurf CD, GD and VD series are optimized for accelerating measuring processes and simplifying handling. A new HMI manual control panel now makes work even more convenient. Reducing measurement times means you gain significantly in performance. This is...
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2019-04-16 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Millimar N 1700: new pneumatic and 4-fold inductive modules - Image
The modular BUS system Millimar N 1700 for length and multipoint metrology is a true all-rounder in your quality assurance. The modular design paired with the wide range of transducers and the touch-operated Millimar Cockpit measuring software offers you maximum individuality – and thus also...
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