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Dear Customer,

Due to the worldwide Corona pandemic, personal contact has virtually come to a standstill - for us, this means: adjustments to our seminar and training program.

New: Mahr Academy Webinars

In order not to endanger your security, our offers are now available online as webinars. So even in times of contact restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus, you can be safely trained by our experts and still have the chance to further educate yourself.

Further training in a relaxed atmosphere at home

Try it out now! Inform yourself on our website or choose your specific training webinar now:
Date Topic   Registration
26 June 2020 Mahr Surface Level 1   Register here
27 June 2020 Mahr Surface Level 2   Register here
28 June 2020 Mahr Surface Level 3   Register here
29 June 2020 Mahr Surface Level 4   Register here
06 July 2020 Mahr Form Level 1   Register here
07 July 2020 Mahr Form Level 2   Register here
08 July 2020 Mahr Gear Level 1   Register here
09 July 2020 Mahr Length Level 1   Register here
13 -17 July 2020 AUKOM Level 1   Register here
28 - 30 July 2020 AUKOM Form and Location   Register here

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