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The Mahr Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dimensional production metrology. Mahr measuring instruments – from calipers to optical measuring systems – are used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, optics and applications pertaining to renewable energies to measure the smallest length, form and surface deviations on workpieces. In almost all areas of precision manufacturing, metrological innovations from Mahr pave the way for further technical and economic advancement.

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World novelty - Measure contour 25 times faster
The new MarSurf CD series from Mahr decisively accelerates contour measurement. The new generation of X- and Z-axes offers a higher speed with maximum precision, making quality assurance of workpieces more efficient.
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Mahr successful at the EMO Hannover 2017
The trade fair for the metalworking industry, the EMO Hannover 2017, took place in Hannover, Germany in mid-September. More than 130,000 visitors from Germany and abroad came to see over 2200 international exhibitors.
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Practical operator guidance MarSurf QE: Convenient - easy - reliable
Individual creation of input masks with "Operator guidance MarSurf QE". Easy realization of test plans for convenient data entry, extensive measuring sequences and QS-Stat data export.
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Radius measurement: Reproducible, robust, highly precise with MarWin
Radii on workpieces with tangential transitions are tested with Mahr measuring devices. With the patented method, the tangents and the tangential circle are generated automatically.
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Reference camshaft: Testing of shaft measuring machine
Mahr offers a reference camshaft, designed to check the measuring accuracy of measuring machines within minutes.
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What degree of automation would you like?
Faster testing processes, shorter set-up times and less influence by the machine operator: Automated measuring of workpieces is a trend in quality assurance. But what degree of automation would you like to have? 1, 2 or 3?
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