Press release: Complete solution for brake systems

Quality control of a brake disc with the form measuring unit MarForm MMQ 400 CNC from Mahr


Measuring systems for brake disc, brake caliper and brake pads and more

The brake system is one of the most decisive security units in a vehicle. It pertains to people’s lives! Therefore, the quality assurance of the workpieces used must be carried out with reliable metrology. The application specialist Mahr now offers a complete solution for brake systems.

Brake discs, brake caliper or brake pads: The components of brake systems come with many measurement tasks - from component geometry to surface texture. Brake technology is constantly being developed, different materials are combined and many components are becoming smaller and lighter. In particular, increasing quantities in production require rapid, automatic and production-related measurements.

The modern measurement solutions from Mahr are designed for brake systems such as disc and drum brakes or brake discs with caliper and brake pad. In addition to standard instruments, the application specialist also offers automated measuring systems for fast, easy and reliable measurement. Innovations such as an automatic probe arm changing device for the combined contour/surface measurement, operating through Bluetooth wireless technology or a scanning probe in form metrology are examples of modern top technology from Mahr.

Examples of measurement solutions in brake systems include the testing of the thickness profile and axial runout on the brake disc with the form tester MarForm MMQ 400 CNC. A MarSolution measuring device performs the semi-automatic measurement of thickness, parallelism, concentricity and flatness of brake discs. With the wireless mobile roughness measuring unit MarSurf PS 1, the operator himself can reliably check deep lying surfaces on the bottom of a brake disc hub. The contour measuring station MarSurf XC 20 reliably and with high accuracy controls the sealing groove in the caliper housing.

Manufacturing companies that use Mahr metrology recognize their process reliability very quickly, reduce costly rejects and ensure the functionality of the product. Use close to production enables short-term interventions and corrections in production. Quality assurance thus profits from a much higher efficiency. Highest priority is given to ensuring the functionality of the brake system. Mahr metrology contributes to making sure the quality of the brake components is right.


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