Transverse tracing of surfaces – easy and mobile

Einfache und mobile Oberflächen-Querabtastung: das neue MarSurf PS 10 C2 von Mahr

Easy and mobile transverse tracing of surfaces:
the new MarSurf PS 10 C2  from Mahr


The new MarSurf PS 10 C2 from Mahr is a measuring device for simple and mobile surface transverse tracing of surfaces. Workshops and manufacturing companies use this unit to record the manufacturing quality of surfaces. The practical measuring device can be operated as intuitively as a smartphone using the large illuminated touch display.

The MarSurf PS 10 C2 is the inexpensive entry into roughness measurement with transverse tracing. The new, practical measuring device is a variation of the proven MarSurf PS 10, whereby the standard drive unit of the MarSurf PS 10 has been replaced by the RD 18 C2 drive unit for transverse tracing. Accessories include a hand prism, extension cable and a push-button protector with prismatic support. The RD 18 C2 drive unit has almost the same technical characteristics as the standard drive unit, whereby a tracing distance of up to 5.6 mm can be used.

The new user-friendly measuring device enables simple and fast transverse tracing of surfaces. The measured values of the surfaces are determined in just a few steps. The user operates the device via the brightly lit 4.3 '' TFT touch display – as easily and intuitively as they are accustomed to with the smartphone.

With its 31 parameters, the small device offers the range of performance of a laboratory device and is the attractively priced start into the standardized measurement of surfaces. The measurement data can be saved in the formats TXT, X3P, CSV or PDF as finished measurement records. In addition to mobile use, the device can also be attached to a measuring stand and thus becomes a fixed measuring station.


The image can be downloaded here.