Create measurement programs offline - use formtesters economically

Offline-Programmierung von Messabläufen: Software MarCAD reduziert Stillstandzeiten an Formmessgeräten von Mahr.

Offline programming of measurement sequences:
Software MarCAD reduces the idle times of Mahr
form measuring machines

The new software tool MarCAD from Mahr allows for offline creation of measurement programs for formtesters. Production companies save valuable time at the measuring station. With the aid of MarCAD, users create effective measuring programs on the 3D CAD model. They then check the programs in the simulation mode and transfer them to the formtester. Programming on the formtester is not necessary, idle times at the measuring station are reduced and quality assurance becomes more economical.


MarCAD facilitates the daily work of quality assurance with Mahr Formtester. The software tool extends the software platform MarWin to make the use of the Mahr formtester more efficient and economical. For the first time, MarCAD implements offline programming on the 3D CAD model for formtesters. Even before production, the user can easily and quickly create powerful and already optimized measurement programs and sequences - without any programming knowledge. Especially manufacturing plants, which frequently check new workpieces, save considerable idle times of the measuring machine with programming. Programs for pre-production or prototypes can be created offline with the software even before the first part has been manufactured. This accelerates development, product design and production of workpieces.

The software MarCAD automatically determines the most efficient measurement strategy. Measuring positions and sequences are designed in such a way that intermediate positioning and probe arm swivel operations are reduced to a minimum. With the aid of the program, the user recognizes the optimum clamping position, the availability of measuring locations and the safe positioning at complex measuring points. The "Optical Cut" tool even allows the CAD model to look into the workpiece and to determine the correct measuring position in the holes.

Offline programming with MarCAD is done with just a few clicks: The user inserts the 3D model in the step format. It selects the tolerated surfaces on the model and de-fines the desired characteristics. Powerful wizards help him to define his measure-ment task. Many parameters are already pre-assigned with suitable values. The operator can simulate and check the program run on the PC. Finally, he generates the MarWin program on the computer and then takes it to the measuring machine. MarCAD is part of the MarWin software platform and runs with MarWin 10 for MarForm and higher. The tool supports the Mahr formtesters MarForm MMQ 100, MMQ 150, MMQ 200, MMQ 400 and MFU 100/110.


The image can be downloaded here.