EMO 2017: Smart metrology with intelligence for Industry 4.0

The networked factory of Industry 4.0 has reached metal processing. As an innovation leader for production metrology, Mahr presents its SMAHRT Metrology with local intelligence at the EMO – from hand tools with radio transmission to the automated CNC measuring machine with robot loading. As a world novelty, Mahr presents its digital micrometer with radio transmission for cable-free measuring. A further focus is the area “Engineered Solutions”: individual measuring stations according to customer requirements.

At the EMO, Mahr presents "SMAHRT Metrology" – measuring instruments with intelligence for automated and user-friendly measurement. Visitors cans see the latest measurement solutions for roughness, contour, form, shaft, length and gear measurements. Mahr will be demonstrating on its measuring stations how the MarWin software platform is used to control measuring sequences and measurement data – perfect for integrating Industry 4.0 into the smart, networked factory. The SMAHRT Metrology offers automated measurement sequences, fast quality assurance and user-friendly measuring instruments. The modern measuring solutions test the quality of workpieces more efficiently and reduce process costs.

World market launch: digital micrometer with integrated wireless
For the first time, Mahr will show the new digital micrometer Micromar EWRi 40 with an integrated radio system at the EMO. It simplifies and accelerates quality assurance in production. With the innovative measuring instrument, the user measures significantly faster, more simply and more reliably. It offers functions that are unique worldwide: 10 mm large digits ensure fatigue-free reading of the measured values and the tolerance and warning limits increase process reliability. The micrometer is designed for the smart factory of Industry 4.0. Measurement data for documentation is transmitted via the proven integrated radio system "integrated wireless" to an i stick on a computer – without bothersome data cables. The reference system from Mahr makes the handling of the micrometer more comfortable since the zero position is set only once. With the new "hold" function, color measurements are "frozen" with the press of a button and can then be read reliably, externally of the machine, for example.

Closed loop production metrology in Industry 4.0
Mahr shows how measuring devices can control the production machines and thus ensure the manufacturing quality. Mahr metrology with closed loop detects dimensional features on the workpieces and detects if defined tolerances are not met. It communicates with the production machines and changes the production parameters.

Engineered Solutions: measuring stations according to customer requirements - also "integrated wireless"
For the quality inspection of their workpieces, manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding specific solutions for measurement tasks. Technology leader Mahr presents individually designed measuring stations at the EMO – from the easy, manually operated solution to the fully automated robotic solution for in-line measurement. Individual measuring stations can also be equipped with "integrated wireless" data transmission – ideal for data networking in the networked factory of Industry 4.0.

Mahr at EMO 2017: Hall 6, Stand B26


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