MarForm MFK 500 Reference form measuring station
Reference form measuring center for laboratory and measuring room, with a large measuring volume for heavy workpieces
The benchmark form measuring centers for laboratories and measuring rooms.

MFK form measuring center for comprehensive workpiece assessment. MFK form tester -  ideal for testing engine blocks, cylinder heads, gear cases, hydraulic elements, crankshafts and camshafts. Generously sized, optimized design for high measuring accuracy throughout the machine. Long measuring and travel paths for easy, safe workpiece changing.

MarForm MFK 600 or MFK 500, built from individual coordinated components, offer flexibility and adaptability for a range of measuring tasks.

The form tester is based on a non-warping granite base, which is set up so that it is isolated from vibrations. Its high precision horizontal surface forms the datum plane for the measuring setup. The workpiece holder table supports and guides heavy workpieces by means of air bearings on the granite surface.
  • Universal form measuring station with a large measuring volume for heavy workpieces
  • MFK 600 with 5 measuring and set-up axes for measuring form elements and determining positions
  • MFK 500 with 3 measuring and 4 set-up axes for measuring form elements
  • Rotating measuring probes and automatic workpiece positioning make it easy to use and quick to set up
  • Air bearings for low maintenance and continuous loading
  • Collision-protected probe systems for diverse measuring tasks
  • Large workpiece holder surface for large individual workpieces or workpiece pallets
  • Roundness measuring device with automatic adjustment to the workpiece diameter, even with eccentric positioning
  • Straightness measurements in 3 main coordinate directions
  • Workpiece assessment as per ISO 1101
  • Testing in machine and workpiece coordinates in accordance with production specifications
  • Full evaluation of form and position features as well as diameter and position values
  • Extensive accessories and choice of measuring probes for optimized performance of all measuring tasks
  • Ready for use and easily expandable with additional movement axes for turning workpieces during a program sequence. In this way the most complex measuring tasks on V-engine blocks for example can be carried out without operator intervention

Roundness measuring device
In addition to the measuring spindle (C-axis), the roundness measuring device also includes an axis for automatically adjusting the measuring probe to the workpiece diameter (X-axis). In roundness measurements the X-axis adjusts the measuring probe to the workpiece shape, even with eccentric deviations which are bigger than the measuring probe range.

Straightness measuring device
The vertical straightness measuring device (Z-axis) guides the roundness measuring device on a granite surface. On the MFK 600 the accuracies of the horizontal straightness measuring device (Tx- and Ty-axis) are independent of the size, form and weight of the workpiece because the guides are separated from the air bearings. The MFK 500 offers the Tx-/Ty-axes of the motorized centering and tilting table as motorized positioning axes. Set-up axes (Ta and Tb) are integrated into the workpiece holder table and can automatically align workpieces mechanically in the machine volume.

Simplest operation: Software platform MarWin The powerful software platform MarWin enables a customized and intuitive operation for every application. For example, convenient measurement assistants, so-called Quick & Easies (QEs), are available for quick measurement in between or for batch size 1. With the help of user-friendly family programs, created in the MarEdit operating mode, you parameterize your measuring program without any programming knowledge thanks to clear masks. Then you measure your part-families and automatically document the measurement results.
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Checking of form and position features:
  • Roundness, Straightness, Flatness, Cylindricity, Angularity, Position, Line profile, Surface profile, Taper, Concentricity / Coaxiality, Symmetry, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Radial run-out, Axial run-out, Total run-out, Conicity, Diameter, Fourier analysis (waviness analysis)

Testing of:
  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Gear cases
  • Hydraulic elements
  • Crankshafts and camshafts

  • Additional movement axes for turning workpieces during a program sequence

  • MFK 600 with 5 measuring and setting axes for the measurement of form elements and determination of positions
  • MFK 500 with 3 measuring and 4 setting axes for the measuring of form elements