MarOpto FI 3100 VB Fizeau interferometer
Simultaneous phase-shifting for vibration-insensitive measurements in production
The MarOpto FI 3100 VB simultaneous multi-phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer is a vibration-insensitive measuring system with minimum shutter speeds as fast as 10 µs. Ideally suited for shop/production floors, the MarOpto FI 3100 VB offers unsurpassed measurement accuracy, stability and repeatability. Mahr's new SPARC technology ensures measurement errors of less than λ / 50 with no vibration isolation.
  • Absolute vibration insensitivity
  • Common path Fizeau geometry
  • Can test surfaces with 0.1% to 100% reflectivity
  • 10 µs exposure times
  • 1k x 1k resolution
  • Compatible with all industry standard 4" (100mm) reference optics and accessories.
  • Applications

  • Measurements of flat, concave and convex surfaces of any size
  • Measurements over long distances, including in vacuum chambers
  • In-situ measurements of optical, machined and wafer surfaces
  • Dynamic measurements for thermodynamic events, moving objects, etc.
  • Characterization & removal of birefringence effects