MarSurf XC 20 mit PCV 200 Contour measuring station
The international benchmark for contour measurement
The MarSurf XC 20 is recognized as the ultimate in contour evaluation. What started some 30 years ago with the Konturograph - consisting of a drive unit and X-/Y-recorders  -  has developed into a top quality contour measuring system using cutting edge technology. This finely tuned device configuration offers superb performance standards. The drive unit and the measuring stand are controlled and positioned via the measuring and evaluation software.
  • User prompts can be displayed
  • Interactive control elements support evaluations and automatic routines
  • Measurement of upper and lower contours with a twin-stylus probe; a relative evaluation of the two contours is also possible
  • Profile section images with evaluation of different parameters for each section
  • Segmented measurement is possible across obstacles such as bores or steep sides
  • Import and export of DXF files supported for setpoint/actual value comparison
  • PCV 200 drive unit with patented probe arm attachment for reproducible probe arm change without tools
  • Patented probe system for measuring station flexibility
  • Manually variable tracing forces support flexibility
  • Synthetic creation of nominal profiles from straight lines and circle arcs
  • Easy comparison of nominal and actual profiles.
  • Different tolerances can be selected by description within a profile
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In Z, relative to stylus tip: 0.38 µm (350 mm probe arm) / 0.19 µm (175 mm probe arm)
In Z, relative to measuring system: 0.04 µm
Sampling angle
on smooth surfaces, depending on deflection: trailing edges up to 88°, leading edges up to 77°
Start of traversing length (in X)
0.2 mm
Tip radius
25 µm
Contacting speed (in Z)
0.1 to 1 mm/s
Probe arm length
175 mm, 350 mm
End of traversing length (in X)
200 mm
Positioning speed
In X and return speed: 0.2 to 8 mm/s
In Z: 0.2 to 10 mm/s
Guide deviation
< 1 µm (over 200 mm)
Measuring speed
0.2 mm/s to 4 mm/s
Measuring range mm
(in Z) 50 mm
Traversing lengths
0.2 mm to 200 mm
Measuring force (N)
1 mN to 120 mN, below and above (can be set in MarSurf XC 20)

Machine building
Bearings, threads, threaded rods, ball screws, shafts, racks

Measurement close to the production area

Contour measurement in semi-automated operation

Automotive industry
Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head

Contour measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses, contour measurement for medical screws, contour measurement for dental implants

  • MarSurf ST 750 measuring stand
  • Manual control panel with joystick and display MCP 21
  • Parallel vise, V-block
  • Equipment table

Software options:
  • Option thread evaluation
  • Option Chamfer
  • Option QS-STAT / QS-STAT Plus
  • Option Topography

  • Combined with the precision drive and probe system LD 130 / 260
  • Combined with measuring stands ST 500 or ST 750

  • MarSurf XC 20 including PC, MidRange Standard including XC 20 software, Mahr license key
  • TFT monitor
  • MarSurf PCV 200 drive unit
  • MarSurf ST 500 measuring stand (including holder)
  • Calibration set
  • MCP 23 manual control panel
  • CT 300 XY table