MarSurf XR 20 mit GD 25 Roughness measuring station
MarSurf XR 20, the perfect introduction to top-class surface metrology.
PC-based instrument delivers all common surface parameters and profiles in accordance with international standards, both in the measuring room and in production. The powerful MarSurf XR 20 combines decades of experience in surface metrology with innovative technology, easy to read icons and user friendly operator assistance.
  • Over 100 surface parameters available for R, P and W profiles in accordance with ISO / JIS, ASME or MOTIF (ISO 12085)
  • Tolerance monitoring and statistics for all surface parameters
  • Internal program assistance (Teach-in methods) for the rapid creation of Quick&Easy measuring programs
  • Comprehensive measuring records
  • Automatic functions for choosing filter and traversing length in accordance with international standards
  • Support for various calibration methods (static/dynamic) by specifying the Ra or Rz parameter
  • Adjustable maintenance and calibration intervals
  • Simulation mode for rapid familiarization with operating principle
  • Multiple measuring station configurations for custom applications
  • Technical data
  • Applications
  • Accessories
  • Shipment

Measuring principle
Stylus method
R probe, MFW 250 B
Measuring range mm
MFW 250: ±25 µm, ±250 µm, (up to ±750 µm); ±1000 µin, ±10,000 µin (up to ±30,000 µin)
Filter according to ISO/JIS
filter as per ISO 16610-21(replaced gaussian filter as per ISO 11562), robust gaussian filter a per ISO 16610-31
Traversing lengths
Automatic; 0.56 mm; 1.75 mm; 5.6 mm; 17.5 mm, 56 mm*,
Measurement up to stop, variable
* Traversing length dependent on drive unit
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS
1 to 50 (default: 5)
Surface parameters
Over 100 surface parameters for R, P and W profiles according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF standards (ISO 12085)

Machine building
Bearings, threads, threaded rods, ball screws, shafts, racks, valves

Automotive industry
Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger

Surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses

Turbine components

Various optical components

  • Parallel vise
  • V-block

General software options:
  • Option Dominant waviness (WDc) for MarWin
  • Option ISO 13565-3 surface parameters
  • Option QS-STAT / QS-STAT Plus
  • Option Profile processing
  • Option User-defined parameters
  • Option Contour 1 for MarSurf XR 1 / XR 20

  • MarSurf XR 20 including PC, MidRange Standard, XR 20 software, Mahr license key
  • TFT monitor
  • MarSurf GD 25 drive unit
  • MFW 250 B probe system set
  • MarSurf ST-G measuring stand
  • PGN 3 calibration standard
  • MCP 23 manual control panel
  • CT 120 XY table