Precimar ULM S-E Calibration measuring instruments
Large universal length measuring instruments with large direct measuring range. Comparator with horizontal base bed (highly homogeneous, rigid granite)
X-axis measuring system: Heidenhain incremental, precision length measuring system, 100 mm long in measuring element
Heidenhain incremental incident light measuring systems over the entire base bed length to left and right of the object table in the base bed
Z-axis measuring system: RENISHAW incremental, precision length measuring system, 80 mm long
  • Combined measuring instrument for ultra-accurate measurements in the range to 100 mm and for measurements in the standard accuracy range across the whole movement range of the measuring element and counter bearing. X measurement formed from the measuring systems of measuring element and base bed
  • Particularly recommended for measurements of larger measuring objects, but also suitable for measurements of smaller measuring objects
  • Manual operation of measuring spindle
  • Air bearings for smooth manual positioning of measuring element and counter bearing
  • Object height adjustment via pushbuttons (also positioning of predefined increment)
  • Online temperature measurement with 3 sensors
  • Computer-aided instrument zero point stabilizing and correction of systematic instrument errors (CAA)
  • Constant measuring force over the entire measuring spindle setting range
  • Computer-aided correction of temperature and measuring force influences
  • Large object table with precision guidance in the Z-direction and a loading capacity of 25 kg
  • Mahr 828 WIN measuring and evaluation software runs under MS Windows
  • Optional use of measuring axis extensions
  • Inner thread measurement supported by automatic Z positioning
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ULM 520 S-E
ULM 1000 S-E
device dimensions
1080 x 380 x 480
1500 x 380 x 480
Measuring range for outer measurement [mm]
0 to 520
0 to 1025
Measuring range for inner measurement [mm]
0.5 to 365
0.5 to 870
Direct measuring range [mm]
Outer measurement: 0 to 520
Inner measurement: 0.5 to 365
Outer measurement: 0 to 1025
Inner measurement: 0.5 to 870
Measuring uncertainty MPEE1 (L in mm) [µm]
only with ABBE measuring element: MPE E1 ? (0.09+L/2000)
with base bed measuring system: MPE E1 ? (0.6+L/1000)
only with ABBE measuring element: MPE E1 ? (0.09+L/2000)
with base bed measuring system: MPE E1 ? (0.6+L/1000)
Measuring forces [N]
0.2 ; 1.0 to 4.5 ; 11
0.2 ; 1.0 to 4.5 ; 11
Repeatability [µm]
with Abbe measuring element: ? 0.05
with base bed measuring system: ? 0.2
with Abbe measuring element: ? 0.05
with base bed measuring system: ? 0.2
Device length [mm]
Mass [kg]

Calibration of

  • Plain plug gages and gage rings
  • Setting gage rings
  • Snap gages
  • Spherical gage blocks, internal micrometers
  • Gage blocks
  • Thread gages
  • Taper thread gages
  • Gear gages
  • Taper gages
  • Dial indicators
  • Dial comparators
  • 2-point bore gages
  • Outside micrometers
  • 2-point inside micrometers

Large number of accessory kits and modular components for solving a wide variety of measuring tasks, including the measurement of:
  • Thread gages
  • Taper gages
  • Conical thread gages
  • Gears
  • Factory calibration or DAkkS/DKD calibration can be additionally offered for this measuring station.

  • ULM 520 S-E
  • ULM 1000 S-E