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Form deviation, decenter and tilt: detecting three relevant errors in one measuring run  - Image
To ensure precise quality inspection of optical lenses, Mahr offers the MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D – a measurement system in which Mahr has cleverly combined tactile and optical measurement techniques. In addition to the measurement of surface geometries, the relations between the front and...
Testing double-sided optical elements with the MarSurf LD 260 Aspheric 3D - Image
In order to produce complex geometries such as aspheres, lens arrays, free forms and diffractive structures with high precision, manufacturing processes such as precision and injection molding as well as SPDT are used. Here, two separate mold halves are merged, which then create the finished lens....
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2019-01-09 | Company | Reilly, Karin
"A truly wonderful Christmas present" - Image
A total of 5,000 euros have come together to support the work at the Elternhaus (Parent’s Home) at the University Children's Hospital in Goettingen. A part of the donation was collected by the employees of Mahr GmbH during the in-house Christmas party. The rest was donated by managing...
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2019-01-09 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Quality assurance with optical 3D measurement: the tribo test - Image
In order to have sound knowledge about the longevity of a workpiece, one must know its tribological values. The tribo test tests a material pair for wear. The resulting surface changes, which reach into the nanoscale, provide valuable information about the nature, functionality and longevity of...
Interferometric measurement of aspheric form deviation in under 30 seconds  - Image
During the production process of aspheres, form deviation must be checked continuously. Ideally suited for this task is the MarOpto TWI 60 Tilted Wave Interferometer from Mahr: it can measure different aspherical lenses with high precision and within seconds –without stitching or a CGH. ...
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2019-01-09 | Company | Reilly, Karin
From Ethiopia to Göttingen – and to Mahr as a trainee - Image
People at Mahr As diverse as the company and its products, so diverse are our employees. In the category People at Mahr , you will get to know some of them. Today: Diana Tadesse Gebru, Electronics Technician Trainee for Equipment and Systems. Diana Tadesse Gebru has been living in Germany...
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