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2019-06-19 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Company cooperation: Increasing productivity, increasing efficiency - Image
Modern metrology faces enormous challenges with regard to its measurement performance. In cooperation with the company Schleicher Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Mahr is developing a measuring device that combines the existing qualities of several machines. Modern metrology is in a state of...
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2018-10-05 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Software with memory function - Image
Create and evaluate customer-specific measurement tasks directly in production: The proven software MarWin Millimar Cockpit from Mahr simplifies and accelerates quality assurance in manufacturing plants. Now the measured data can be processed even more effectively: the software update Millimar...
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2018-08-02 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Case Study: Turned part testing in the measuring cell - Image
In order to meet the demands of high-precision production, the automatic turning shop Klumpp GmbH & Co. KG from Bretten, Germany put its own quality management to the test - and then fundamentally rebuilt it. Our case study shows how Klumpp overcame hurdles and raised potential to increase...
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2017-11-08 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Turbine blade: "fir tree" inspection - Image
The perfect flow profile of a turbine blade is a technical masterpiece – its complex geometry poses a challenge to metrological quality assurance. With the optical measuring station MarSurf CWM 100 , Mahr offers the measuring solution for testing coated, uncoated, polished as well as mirror...
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2017-09-08 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Practical video: Measurement of small turned parts - Image
With the flexible and compact MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus shaft measuring machine, Mahr offers the right measuring solution for the fast, precise and fully automatic measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production. This practical video shows the measurement and quality assurance of...
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2017-09-06 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Acylinders in the grinding process - Image
The production of acylinders is not possible without suitable measuring technology. In the processing steps from pre-grinding to fine grinding, tactile contour metrology is particularly well suited for determining the deviation from the nominal shape. In addition, closed-loop enables efficient...
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2017-06-20 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Testing of entire asphere surface - Image
The complete measurement of different aspheres in less than 30 s makes is made possible by the new method of tilted wave interferometry. The first product of this technology, the MarOpto TWI 60 , offers highly accurate and fast measurements of aspheres. In this video, only 18 seconds are...
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2017-06-08 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Flexible measurement of commutator shaft in production - Image
For the rapid and precise measurement of the commutator shaft directly in production, Mahr offers the tried and tested measuring station MarSolution RPM. A new version now enables even more flexible measurement – ideal for companies producing different types of commutators. To secure and...
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2017-04-10 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Mahr offers new standard solution for the measurement of hobs  - Image
Quality assurance in the manufacture of gearboxes already begins with tool control. By checking the tools to be used at an early stage, such as in the control of incoming goods, possible errors in the production process are avoided in advance. In co-operation with the long-standing partner esco,...
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2017-03-27 | Applications | Reilly, Karin
Getting to the bottom of tooth flanks - Image
If the surface of the tooth flanks of gears is too rough, the gears wear down too quickly. This is why the tooth flanks or tooth gaps must be checked during production for their defined surface roughness at a highly accurate measuring station. KAPP NILES, a world-leading manufacturer of machines...
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