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2019-01-09 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Quality assurance with optical 3D measurement: the tribo test - Image
In order to have sound knowledge about the longevity of a workpiece, one must know its tribological values. The tribo test tests a material pair for wear. The resulting surface changes, which reach into the nanoscale, provide valuable information about the nature, functionality and longevity of...
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2018-08-03 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
MarCator Digital Indicators – Practical Tips - Image
With the MarCator Digital Indicators, you are prepared for all measuring tasks: thanks to the integrated Reference system, the gages are ready for immediate use – once the zero position has been set, it remains secure for all further measurements. Many practical functions offer further...
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2017-10-23 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
What degree of automation would you like? - Image
Faster testing processes, shorter set-up times and less influence by the machine operator: Automated measuring of workpieces is a trend in quality assurance. But what degree of automation would you like to have? 1, 2 or 3? 1: Manual measuring station with support with workpiece positioning. ...
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2017-05-15 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Surface measurement: Selecting the correct filter - Image
ISO 4288 requires the selection of the cut-off wavelength of the profile filter to distinguish between periodic and aperiodic surface profiles. Here you will find the basics of surface metrology and the choice of the right filter. Following procedure is recommended: Trial measurement...
Measuring roughness with MarSurf PS 10 – Selecting the correct filter - Image
Since the inception of roughness metrology, the number of internationally recognized surface parameters and international standards has continually increased. This fact makes it particularly difficult for new employees in the measuring room or in production to gain an overview of the broad field of...
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2016-09-15 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
In the future of measuring - Image
The fourth industrial revolution is visible not only on the conveyor belt in the factory, but it is also changing the world outside the factory gates. The whole logic of production is changing. Intelligent machines and products, storage systems and resources are systematically interlinked using IT....
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2016-09-13 | Know-how | Sokoll, Amelie
Mahr Parameter as website  - Image
Mahr Parameter Browse comfortably on and offline through a comprehensive reference work on the latest standards and geometrical tolerances as well as surface characteristics in English and German. As an Android app, Mahr Parameter accompanies the practical user anytime and anywhere through the...
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2016-02-05 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Facing the Smart Future - Image
Facing the Smart Future At the beginning of "Facing the Smart Future" is the realization that companies based on lean methodology can increase their efficiency only up to a certain point and that a new smart approach is needed to overcome this point. Mahr is participating in the...
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2016-02-05 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Industry 4.0 - What is possible today? - Image
This video is a joint project of the companies Denso, Mahr and SIM and already has more than 22,000 views on YouTube - You can also view one of the most successful videos on Industry 4.0.
Measuring on the shop floor: Measurement concept with temperature compensation - Image
Measurement with Precimar LINEAR 800 and the measuring computer MarCheck When measuring on the shop floor, temperature fluctuations are a challenge for every measuring technologist, for when the temperature in the workshop rises or falls, the dimensions of workpieces and measuring instrument ...
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