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2018-10-05 | Company | Reilly, Karin
In action: the self-constructed race car
The team

Mahr supports students of the TU Berlin, who are gaining first hands-on experience in addition to their studies by building a race car for the "Formula Student". The skills of the aspiring vehicle technicians and business administrators are demanded in this project: they independently manage finances, design, production and finally the participation in the race.

That's not an easy task. The team, consisting of 60 students, has taken up this challenge and is participating in the international design competition "Formula Student" of Formula Student Germany GmbH. Students from all over the world compete against each other in competitions with their self-constructed race cars. What's unique: it is not always the fastest car that wins, but the team with the best overall package of race performance, design, financial planning and sales arguments.

Th highlight at the end of the design process is putting the car on the road and experiencing it in a competition. The designers are not primarily concerned with the placement in the overall ranking. The really exciting questions are of a technical nature: Does the frame structure last? What are the aerodynamics of the car? Do the installed parts work reliably? Regardless of which placement is ultimately achieved, one of the most important things to constructers is to learn as much as possible from practical work.

Mahr supports with measuring technology

Constructing a race car is not only technically highly complex, but also a financial challenge for the students. In addition to a financial basis, which is covered by the University of Berlin, the vehicle designers are financed for the most part through sponsorship. For this reason, workshop manager Jan Zimmer approached Mahr: "I have heard from friends many good things about the products and quality of Mahr, so I contacted them." As the product portfolio of the metrology manufacturer fits in exactly with the group's work, the request for material or material sponsorship was gladly fulfilled and the workshop was equipped with different measuring instruments. "We believe that hands-on work is the best way to prepare for working life. That's why we like to help," says André Werner, marketing director of Mahr.

Taking up speed in 2019

For the next season in the summer of 2019, the team of the TU Berlin wants to rework the engine of the last race car. It had a defect in the previous year during the second race and had to retire prematurely. The previous year's car is used by the students as a practical template for the construction of the successor model in order to be able to respond specifically to design weaknesses. In 2019, it should run better for the team, Jan Zimmer knows: "We now want to pay more attention to reliability."

The team’s pronounced goal is to compete and master all four endurance races with their race car next year. This requires 22 kilometers to be covered – of course as fast as possible.

More about the Team TU Berlin and “Formula Student” can be found here:

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