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Mahr opens new subsidiary in Spain

2019-02-11 | Company | Reilly, Karin
Manuel Hüsken, VP Global Sales at Mahr, and Cesar Weigmann, Managing Director in Spain

The new Mahr subsidiary in Barcelona, ​​Spain, commenced operations at the beginning of 2019. Under the leadership of Cesar Weigmann, the market potential within the country can be optimally utilized.

For more than 15 years, Mahr has been represented by companies in Spain that will continue to be important partners for the business in this southern European country. With a new Mahr branch, the market presence will now be further strengthened: "Our goal is to reach a new level of service for our customers and to provide them with comprehensive advice and support," says Cesar Weigmann, who will head the newly founded Mahr Metrología SL. With Weigmann, Mahr has gained an experienced managing director who knows the metrology industry as well as the markets and companies in Spain very well.

"Spain's economy has developed excellently in recent years and is a market of great importance and significance to us," explains Manuel Hüsken, Vice President Global Sales. And further: "The metalworking industry and mechanical engineering are among the most important economic sectors in the country. Many potential customers and existing customers can now make better use of our advising and our service."

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