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Measure better – with the MarSurf QE software

2019-10-18 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Multipoint measurement on a workpiece
Software menu with specific input mask

Faster and easier measurement – the MarSurf QE software operator guidance combines your various measurement programs into one test plan and assumes the task of "job management" for recurring measurement tasks.

The operator guidance is a framework program running under MarWin and assumes the task of a "job management" for recurring measuring tasks. A structured design via an individualizable input mask is intended to guarantee a faster and more reliable selection of the correct measuring sequence and, on the other hand, an automated data export that is individually tailored to your requirements. The software can also be used to manage other tasks, such as the management of the probe arm units used, the integration of required control programs for checking the probe arms or measuring stations, the combined data export to qs-STAT and an administrator and operator mode with restricted rights.
The software can be retrofitted to all PC-based MarSurf measuring stations and thus supplements and improves your performance.

Key functions at a glance

The software for MarSurf measuring stations manages Quick & Easy (QE) measuring programs to simplify job management:

  • Dialog-based creation and selection of measurement sequences from QE measurement programs based on customer-specific data structure
  • Input of additional data with transfer to protocol header or qs-STAT
  • qs-STAT and pdf export at the end of the entire measuring process
  • Storage of program sequences for checking the measuring station and the probe arms
  • Retrofittable for all MarSurf measuring stations


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Here you can download the detailed software description free of charge.


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